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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3141

ICT Coursework Report: Spreadsheet System

Extracts from this document...


ICT Coursework-Spreadsheet Identify: Mr Smith, who is the owner of JC SPORTS, has discovered three main problems with his shop's basketball sales, these were due to... 1. The old-fashioned manual systems in his company. (Manual system). 2. The lack of interest for the latest new products on the market. (Marketing system). 3. The lack of a new hardware & software systems. (Computer system). Surprisingly, because of poor product handling, out of all the sales in his sports and design shop, the amount of basketball sports goods sold dropped massively over the past six months as seen here... Hyperlink to Sales.xls This is their table... JC Sports Sales in the last 6 months Goods Sales 6 months ago Sales now Football 99% 99% Rugby 90% 95% Athletics 90% 90% Golf 80% 70% Hockey 75% 70% Tennis 95% 97% Basketball 90% 50% Hyperlink to Sales1.xls At the time, I happened to assist Mr Smith as he was recording down his sales. Mr Smith was not very clever when it came to using computers. He needed a quite a lot of helping out. Due to the fact that I was one of his best customers, Mr Smith then showed me his most baffling results that he recently found out. The problem was that Mr Smith was pretty old fashioned and used the ancient, long gone manual technology like the typewriter to sort out his business instead of using the modern day computer software and technology such as the word processor and the spreadsheet. Since I was compiling this project, I offered to help him solve this very problem by myself doing a series of analysis on the sales, marketing and systems later on in that very same week. It was a challenge. Mr Smith was very much obliged and gave me his sales report immediately. I also advised him to shape up and use the latest up-to-date, business & industrial technology around him and not use his very old, former technology. ...read more.


we use a Spreadsheet document to organize text and numbers into rows and columns. Spreadsheets are particularly useful for entering numbers that you want to organize and analyse information. When you work with a spreadsheet document, you see the spreadsheet menus. The spreadsheet itself is a grid of rows (going across) and columns (going down). Key concepts: Each column is labelled with a letter at the top. Each row is labelled with a number at the left. The intersection of a row and column is called a cell. Each cell has a unique address, which consists of the column letter and row number (for example, D3). You enter a cell's contents using the entry bar at the top of the spreadsheet. You can enter text, numbers, or formulas into cells. Formulas are not actual values like text or numbers. Instead, formulas are a set of instructions that produces good a value for a cell. You see a cell's formula in the entry bar. The formula's result appears as the actual value in the spreadsheet cell. The spreadsheet always has one current (active) cell, and that cell has a heavy border. The contents of current cell, if any, appear in the entry bar. A block of adjacent cells is called a cell range. You identify a cell range by the addresses of the upper-left and lower-right cells in the block. In this spreadsheet... The upper-left cell is B2 and the lower-right cell addresses separated by two periods (for example, B2.C3). Formulas: Sum formula: Example: =sum (D4.G4) or =D4+E4, Average formula: Example: =average (D4.D12), multiply formula: Example: =D4* 4. 6. The new appropriate hardware and software will be used because Mr Smith had been using very old technology compared to what we use today. Also because it will definitely help & save Mr Smith's business. 7. The new appropriate hardware and software will be used gradually and when it is necessary in JC SPORTS. ...read more.


* Regular backups should be made of the data on the system using suitable backup storage. The main method used to back-up network data is the ancestral method. * Back-up files should be kept secure - ideally in locked fireproof rooms in a different location to the network. * Archiving means copying or moving a file somewhere for long-term storage. Design: This spreadsheet will contain the following five questions which all have been converted into Microsoft Excel. This was my progress... 1st- (FROM QUESTIONNAIRE SHEET) hyperlink Firstly, Mr Smith and I sent out the following questionnaire to the JC SPORTS customers. 1. What types of Sports goods do you like? 2. What types of Designer goods do you like? 3. What types of Sports goods do you hate? 4. What types of Designer goods do you hate? 5. What product should we enhance? * I entered into Microsoft Word * I typed the questionnaire in 'Times New Roman' font * I enlarged the font size to '36' to capture the whole page * The language was of course 'English (UK)' 2nd- (FROM POWERPOINT PRESENTATION) Hyperlink to Questionnaire.xls, Firstly.doc & Hyperlink to MS PowerPoint1.ppt The Table Implement: At last, finally it was a good job well done at the end of my project. Mr Smith was had all his products and goods analysed precisely. 1. We collected all information from the questionnaire 2. Results were computerised 3. All systems were updated 4. All human & computer error were diminished 5. All Customers sales were restored 6. The new system was supported by all customers Evaluate: In the end, all the objectives for my coursework and project were met and accomplished completely. Here is the evidence: 1. Mr Smith and his employees cooperated very well with the new system of work. 2. The sales questionnaire was fully word-processed. 3. All information was then sent to Microsoft Excel. 4. Customer sales boomed in the business for the first time in a long time. 5. Everyone became computer and PC literate. Created on 11/14/2003 11:26 AM By Emmanuel Yemi ...read more.

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