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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1708

ICT Coursework Task 1b - MODELLING.

Extracts from this document...


SYSTEM ANALYSIS Requirement specification and expected outcomes The reason of me producing this system is to be able to generate estimated prices of the hire of a car for LIA Car hire service which is based is based in Luton Airport. Luton Airport has decided, after lots of consideration, they need to expand their services at the Airport. They have decided to open a hire service for Cars. They have everything ready and now all they need is a model which will be able to generate estimated prices for each Car Hire. I have been given this job. The main reasons of wanted a model which will generate the estimated prices is so the system operator will not have to go through all of the calculations and things. If there was not a model which would generate the figures it would be very complicated and very easy for there to be a mistake. The model will generate the prices with formulas. There will be fewer chances of mistakes, it will make the work easier for the operator, and the customer will get a quick estimate of how much they are looking at paying. The users of my system will be the System Manager, his or her job will be to update the system whenever they are needed e.g. ...read more.


These would be suitable for the task because they are both able to work out formulas and both have the tools which are needed for the task in hand. The software must be able to work out formulas it must be able to have functions like, What ifs, time, Date and so on. A What if is a command which will be able to use two options, e.g. if one value is less then this then the answer is this if it is this value it is that. We will need the date to work out the persons Age. There are loads of formulas involved like simple sums, multiplication, division and subtraction. I have decided to use Microsoft Excel for the model, this is my decision because I think that Microsoft Excel is much easier to use than Database. I say this because I have had much more practise on Microsoft Excel than database. I also chose Microsoft Excel because it has more of the options which I need for the model. So I chose Microsoft Excel over the Database. SYSTEM DESIGN Initial ideas and layout First of all I had to build up the structure of the model on paper. My very first design all of the information went downwards leading on to 2 portrait pages. ...read more.


It produced an invoice automatically, I think that my model was a success because it was user friendly it did what it was supposed to. But if I was given a chance to do it again I would be able to more stuff to make it better I will be able to put more functions. Making my model was not as difficult as I thought it would be, I thought it would take up all of my time, that it would be very difficult with all of those formulas and stuff but I was able to make it all in class I did not have to take it home. So I think that it was not too hard to make my model. The software choice was good because I was able to do everything I needed to do on Microsoft Excel. So it was easy to do it on this program because it had all of the functions which were needed. To improve my system I would try to make the estimate of the car hire more accurate somehow, I would also use a wider variety of cars in my system. I would try to build up my invoice more as well. My software choice was appropriate because it does what I needed to do on it. So in conclusion my system was a success. 1 Ikhlas Raja 10s5 Candidate No.9297 Centre No. 15223 ...read more.

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