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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1498

ICT developments and their effects on groups and individuals

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ICT developments and their effects on groups and individuals o Business. Introduction: o List of ICT developments in this area: online banking, internet shopping and e-commerce (business carried out on-line e.g. Amazon books), call centres, on-line bookings (travel, cinema etc), e-marketing and emailing information. Group / Individual Developments in ICT that impact on group / individual Two needs of group / individual that are met through the use of ICT Two benefits available to group / individual through using ICT 1. The elderly Businesses have made it able for their products to be bought off the internet and delivered to their door. They can use emailing etc. to communicate easily Need to 1. Home shopping 2. Communication Benefits are 1. No need to leave their house 2. Can have communication with family/ friends. 2. Teachers They can easily grade students and monitor what progress they're making. Need to 1. Achieving goals and grades 2. Registering pupils Benefits are 1. Progress of pupils can be monitored 2. Teachers can keep on top of work and results. 3. A teenager Homework help. Quick communication. Need to 1. Information from the internet 2. Work can be done quicker. Benefits are 1. Instant messaging etc. ...read more.


Office workers Able to send messages to people on other floors through computer. Paging. Need to 1. Communicate to other officers so that work is smoother. 2. Send work and information Benefits are 1. Quick communication 2. Virus free sending can trust the software they are using. 3. People who work in Center Parcs. Quicker transport as walky talkies can be used to communicate. Need to 1. Be organised 2. Message other staff Benefits are 1. Quick communication 2. Smooth transport 4. Teachers Can email each other with information. Need to 1. Handle student records 2. Forward information to other tutors. Benefits are 1. Improved organisation 2. Better communication throughout the school. 5. Business Commuter Networking, paging, email, organiser, mobile phones Need to 1. Be in control of a business 2. Control any meetings they have and record when they are. Benefits are 1. Meeting deadlines and bring organised through technology 2. Handling clients work o Community Activity Introduction: Whole communities and groups of people can have easier lives thanks to technology and ICT. List of ICT developments in this area: Email, chat rooms, safety buzzers, spreadsheets, Group / Individual Developments in ICT that impact on group / individual Needs of group / individual that are met through the use of ICT Benefits available to group / individual through using ICT 1. ...read more.


Can use computer keyboards instead of attempting to write. This is good for dyslexic people. Benefits are 1. Can be educated with everyone else. 2. Can use computers and they are seen as an advantage to their needs. 3. Learning Some people find it harder to learn than others so ICT is used to help them with this. Need to 1. Learn at the same speed as everyone else 2. Feel the ability to achieve even with their learning difficulty Benefits are 1. To learn and improve skills 2. With the help of ICT they can feel more confident with learning. 4. Creativity Lack of ideas to produce work, in subjects like Art, Dance, Design. Need to 1. Use ICT for inspiration for their own work 2. To create neat and professional designs in order to gain good grades Benefits are 1. Can feel confident when presenting their work 2. Professional designs can be shown and any weakness in design can be improved using Graphical programs 5. Mentality Learning programs, for many different subjects such as Maths, English or CAT tests that test common sense. Need to 1. Develop mental skills 2. Quick reaction skills Benefits are 1. Being able to practice these skills on programs that create quick questions 2. Can have strong mentality that they did not have before. ...read more.

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