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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5603

ICT Final Project (complete)

Extracts from this document...


GCSE ICT - 2008 Final Project Title: Exchange Calculator Name: Daniel Thomas State a working title for your project: Live-updating currency converter Who is your end-user? A travel agent. What is the current problem? When customers would like to exchange money for their upcoming holiday, the staff at the agency have to manually look up and convert the required currencies by hand using a calculator, and then apply an extra % to the total depending on the amount wanted. They also have to keep a log of the transactions. Why has this problem arisen? The agency does not currently use a computer system, and the current solution is very time consuming. What do you currently see as the objectives (or user requirements)? * Create and develop a computer system that can aid with the conversion of currencies. * Use a simple and efficient user interface. * The system must keep itself up to date. * The inputs and outputs must be clearly displayed. * The system must not be time consuming for the end user. * The system must work. * The system must have corporate image * The system must calculate the % added by the company and the profit from that. * The system must keep an accurate log of past transactions * The system must produce an invoice State the different ways in which you might produce a solution: * Using Microsoft Word - a list of pre-chosen values and the correct totals for those amounts. * Using Microsoft Access - a list of pre-chosen values and the correct totals for those amounts, searchable using a query. * Using Microsoft Excel - a spreadsheet that will calculate the correct amount for any given total automatically, automatically updating itself when new rates exist. A front end will be used to display the information, hiding the rest from the end user. How do you currently think that data will be collected? ...read more.


The currency calculation will work both ways, so the user can specify either how much money they want to convert, or how much they want converted. Worksheet 2 This page will be a simple page that contains clients' information in a simple table. See below for draft layout. Using the below interface I will create a button that will allow the user to edit a clients' data by inputting the client's reference number and then clicking the edit button. The user will also be able to print an invoice directly from the page by entering the client's reference number and then pressing print invoice. The invoice will then be automatically printed using the default printer without the users input. Worksheet 3 This worksheet will contain the temporary invoice created by the button on worksheet 2, and will then be printed. The macro on worksheet 2 will automatically fill the page with the required information and will then print the page. The page below contains placeholders for where client's information will be placed. Worksheet 4 This page will not be seen by the end user. It will contain the exchange rates that have been automatically downloaded from the internet. It will also contain any temporary values created by calculations and macros if necessary. I will set up a web query using the web query wizard in the menu. I will use the website www.x-rates.com as the travel agent already used the same source of information. All spreadsheets will be protected where user input is not necessary to the worksheet. Detailed Design for User Interface The user interface will be mostly comprised of macros. This will make the interface as simple as possible. Below is a mock-up of a possible design. The current interface does not have any logos, names etc - the company's corporate identity has not yet been included. Re-usability The user interface is re-useable as it can be automatically cleared and then made available for the next customer. ...read more.


This will require no modification to the system itself. User Guide User Guide for Exchange Calculator Installation To install the system simply copy the system from the supplied CD, and then paste it into an available and empty folder on the computer that will be used with the system. Running To run the system, open Microsoft excel. Then click 'File' and then 'Open'. Browse to the location the system is stored, highlight 'Exchange Calculator.xls' (Do not select 'Backup of Exchange Calculator.xlk'), and then click open. Navigation The system has 2 different pages that you will see, the interface, and the database. This is the interface: The other page is the database: Creating an Order Moving Orders to Database Once you have finished filling in the form, press the 'Send to Database'. This will move all of the client's information to the database. Printing an Invoice To print an invoice, first navigate to the database page. You will then need to find out the clients unique reference number. This can be found by looking through the database until the client's information is found. The most recent addition to the database will be at the top. Then fill in the Order reference number at the top of the page. Once this information has been filled in simply press 'Print Invoice', and an invoice will be prepared and then printed. Ensure that the required printer is switched on at the time. Modifying Mistakes in the Database To modify a mistake in the database, you must simply find the customers information (if they have their reference number, the process is made much easier). Then simply edit the cell as you would any other cell in Microsoft excel. Starting a New Client Just press the 'New Client' button. Saving the System To save the system, just press file on the bar at the top of excel, and then press save. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Daniel Thomas GCSE ICT - Examination 2008 Final Project Page 1 of 75 ...read more.

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