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ICT for a Working Adult

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ICT for a Working Adult I am going to review a working adult and how he or she uses ICT at work and in their every day lives. My working adult is called Mike he works at Watkin Jones in the offices. Watkin Jones is a company that builds houses and apartments. In Mike's day at work he uses all sorts of ICT such as PC Technology, the Internet and he uses Mobile phones and Pagers. While Mike is at home he uses a lot of ICT. He uses the Internet, Mobile phone and his MP3 player. Internet While Mike is in work he uses the internet (WWW) to find information for example, reading information of the NHBC standards, getting phone numbers for plumbers, etc., getting directions to his site and others. Some time the search engine Mike uses can bring up plumbers from all around the world because he is not specific enough with the search, it also maybe slow depending on the time of the day and internet connection but is still quicker that getting a phone book and flicking through the information which is his second option if he cannot find any plumbers, etc. ...read more.


One of the worst things that happened to Mike is that he sent off his payment and received no goods but he contacted Ebay and the seller was kicked off the service. PC Technology The PC in Mike's life has become an essential way of living. Mike uses the pc for things like: Microsoft Excel, which will help him to do graphs and Spreadsheets for checklists. He also uses excel to do spreadsheets of the money spent by the company in the last months. It is very easy to use and your work is always very neat and presentable which is very important in a professional job. He also uses Microsoft Word for many things in the office, these include: writing letters to employers, producing documents and producing posters and advertisements. Microsoft word is one of the easiest word processing packages to use. You can put text, pictures and photographs onto a word document. Mike said Microsoft word is dead easy to use and I don't have to use a pen and paper. ...read more.


He finds it very useful when trying to contact people even when he's on the move, Mike uses 'texting' which he find very easy to use, he like sending joke via 'texting'. It is quick and can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world. But some places around the country don't have a very good signal and messages cannot be sent and received as quickly as normal, Mike's mobile phone is on contract so he doesn't have to worry about credit until the bill comes. He likes taking and sending photos to his family and friends instead of using a camera, which he finds a hassle taking the film to the shop and getting it developed. He socially laughs and shares the photos of his son and wife with his friends at the golf club or in the pub. Overall ICT has made Mike's job so much easier to do and he hopes a program is made, one day, where the computer will do all his jobs for him, so he can play golf all day and just monitor the computer every few hours via mobile phone, without the boss knowing! Chris Cummins ...read more.

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