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ICT GCSE Coursework - Documentation.

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Parminder Saroe ICT GCSE Coursework - Documentation For our ICT GCSE Data handling coursework, we were asked to compile a database of second hand vehicles using current information from local garage advertisement, newspapers and leaflet. This database will act as a vehicle location service for someone wishing to obtain details on the availability of certain models. The database software that I will use for this coursework is Microsoft Excel. I decided to use this program because it is very simple and easy to use and can carry out all the necessary tasks that I need to do. The first thing that I needed to do for this project was to gather information for about 50 cars. I can do this in many ways by looking on the Internet, reading magazines (auto-trader), or by asking people about there cars. But before I could carry out this task, I needed to know what fields I will be using. The fields are the information that will be collected about the cars. I decided to use the fields: > Make > Model > Reg/year > Engine size > Price > Colour > Petrol I chose these fields because they are the most common characteristics of a car and can be collected easily. ...read more.


To format my fields, I had to click on format on my toolbar, then field, and then change the desired fields. I needed to do this so that the correct information could be inputted into the database. For example, my first field was make and the make would be written in text form, so the format for the field make would be text. The computer will only allow me to put in text into that field. Another example would be the field price. The price would be given in number form so the format for the field price would be number. The computer will only allow me to put a numeric form into that field. Once all the fields had been formatted correctly, I could input my data. Once the data of my information had been inputted into the database, I tested it to see that it worked. I could test to see if my database works by doing searches and sorts. A search is when you ask the computer to search for information on a specific field (simple search) ...read more.


During the experiment, there were not many problems that I occurred. The only problem was the that computer that I used had a problem and wouldn't let me open the program Microsoft Excel. But after some patient waiting, the program was finally opened and in perfect working order. If I could have done this experiment again, o would have collected more information on more cars because at first I thought that 50 cars would be enough, but I realised that it wasn't enough for me to gather a wide range of cars and for a costumer to choose from. More fields like mileage could have been used so that the costumer would have a wider range of information to look at for the car he is to buy. I would have also carried out more tests to make sure that my database was in working order and used a more updated program because the program I used was Microsoft Excel 97, and I could've gotten access to the newer Microsoft Excel because there might have been improvements to the program and more detail could've been added. But overall, the experiment went well and I completed the task that was set out successfully. ...read more.

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