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GSCE ICT COURSEWORK - PowerPoint Project The Identify Introduction to the project Mr. Thompson is a Management calibre sales person who works for the famous company, Bavarian Motor Works, well known as BMW. He has been set a project which is based in London. The objective for Mr. Thompson to attain; is that he creates a user friendly system to inform buyers (at showrooms) about the cars in front of them. The system is mainly aimed at adults, who usually purchase the cars. The problem appeared to BMW when so many customers were requesting brochures to view during their visit at the showroom. BMW have concluded that they are funding too much money for these quality brochures to be produced and then after customers view them, (whether or not they buy the car), the brochure goes in the bin. Mr. Thompson who is head of the advertising section of his showroom has been put to the test to find a system which will inform the end user about the car he wants and to be cost efficient. ...read more.


* The presentation to be user-friendly and interesting to view. Possible Solutions Non ICT Solutions * A manual solution such as overhead projector slides which would not work at all because he would have to hire so many staff to help explain and change the slides for the projection. ICT Solutions Word Processing Solution; * Posters could be created using word art but often ends up in all sorts of conditions and regular maintenance of printing out poster regularly. * Insert image tool could help buyer imagine the car on the road; but too many colours could be not economical for the company. * Text boxes are easy to apply to help inform end user of car specifications. A Desktop Publishing Solution; * A desk to publishing solution could be used but to make flyers and more brochures; which usually aren't read and thrown in the bin after viewing. * This would help create more professional copies of brochures and flyers; but will be thrown away; which isn't economical for BMW. ...read more.


* Sound also can be played during presentation do keep end user occupied. * Automatic transitions; which allows the presentation to run through if end user wants it to. * Able to password protected so no tampering or changes to the presentation without authorisation. * User forms can be created to enter customer details and then placed in a spreadsheet. * PowerPoint is also user friendly as it is easy to modify when needed with its design view. In conclusion, the presenting software such as PowerPoint is the one which I feel is suitable as a solution to this problem as it fits in most of the criteria specified by Mr. Thompson. Objectives * A page describing company assets. * A page to tell the end user to buy from us. * A page on each car being sold. * A company logo on each page. * Able to be user friendly (able to access every page from every page.) * Must be appealing for all buyers. * Easy to use. * It also should unable to corrupt by the end user so that the presentation doesn't get ruined. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE Coursework Spreadsheet Project ...read more.

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