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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1075

ICT Hardware/Software report

Extracts from this document...


A Diagram to show the Structure of A Computer System A Diagram to show the System for Completing My Logo A Diagram to show the System for Completing My Spreadsheet A Diagram to show the System for Completing My Wage Slip A Diagram to show the System for Completing Mail Merge Storage Device Description Advantages Disadvantages Where did I use this device? How could I have used this device? Hard Disk Primary storage device of a computer. It has a large capacity of up to 1024 GB (160 GB on PC). Large capacity Reliable Durable Fragile Not infallible Not portable I used this device each time I needed to save my work N/A Floppy Disk A 3.5 inch disk quadrangular in shape. Obsolete form of data storage. Simple to use Compact Portable Small memory Easily damaged Unreliable N/A To take my data home Flash Drive (USB) A modern form of data storage. It connects via USB. ...read more.


How could I have used this device? Keyboard It is the commonest and most widely used input device. The keys (buttons) are arranged alphabetically, numerically and there are computer specific keys (function-F1, F2 etc and: delete, page up home etc). Most computers have a keyboard packaged with them Simple to use Special keyboards available Mistakes are easy to make Keyboards are unsuitable for making graphs Handicapped people find them hard to use All the way through the course every time I needed to enter data N/A Mouse Most common input device alongside the keyboard. Has 2-5 buttons. There are two types available: optical and roller; optical has a motion sensor under the mouse, and the roller operates with a ball. Perfect for desktop computers Simple to use Supplied with PC Need an even surface near the PC Overuse can lead to RSI (repetitive strain injury) Any time I needed to select a file, used for navigating the internet and programs Scanner Scanners convert physical data (text, image etc) ...read more.


Requires little memory Easy to get the hang of For it to work correctly you'll need to design the files yourself. When mail merging. N/A Graphics There are programs used to create digital images e.g. Bryce 2 Dimensions of image can be altered (2D/3D) Many editing tools Takes time to create high quality graphics Can get complicated N/A To create my logo Internet Software Software on the internet e.g. search engines Simple to use Access to vast amounts of data Free to use Can be slow Filtering through the data can be very time consuming When I needed some help with the task To create my logo N/A Publishing General purpose software. Ideal for producing menus. Leaflets etc. Simple to operate Many tools Mistakes are hard to correct at times Files can take up a lot of memory N/A To design my logo Bespoke Software Programs that are tailor made to fit the customer's needs. Customer gets exactly what they want More expensive to create Self maintained N/A Could have designed my own program to create a database ?? ?? ?? ?? Hardware & Software Used In Wages Coursework ...read more.

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