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ICT helping someone with special needs

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Unit 3C: ICT Meeting Special Needs I have researched Mike Johns Introduction This person that I'm going to do my work on is Mr. M Johns a man who lost his eyes when he was an age of 21 and now he is 42 and this person has wife and two sons. Mike Johns is a writer, he writes about love story and he writes true stories. If we talk about Blindness we know that in some ways of Blindness there is a chance of seeing again and then there is not a change of seeing. Blindness is the inability to see anything. Some people are called blind, even though they can see a little bit. This is because they cannot see clearly. But only see fuzzy shapes or colours. In modern countries, few young people are blind. Blindness is mostly caused by diseases of old people, like cataracts and trachoma. Sometimes, though, people are born blind. Some people are color blind, which means they can see, but cannot tell certain colours apart. When people are blind they use such things as the alphabet in braille and guard dogs to do every day life things. Technology 1 Braille Watch Braille watches have raised dots that allow a blind person to tell the time. Simply flip up the cover and feel the dots on the dial. There are different types of Braille Watches like the voice one that tells you the time when you need it and it is in digital and normally time. ...read more.


Advantages o Braille Display with 20 or 40 characters o QWERTY Keyboard o 8-Key command keyboard o Lithium-ion battery for fast recharge: 10 hours of autonomy o Serial port for PC connection; Parallel port for Braille and black printing o VGA port to visualise iris documents on a computer monitor o RJ45 port for connection to Ethernet network RJ11 port for connection to a telephone network o 2 USB ports (type A) Loudspeaker + Audio - in (microphone) and Audio-out (headphones) o 12V supply o It is very light 1,7 kg o Dimensions: 24 cm x 20 cm x 3,8 cm o 12-volt main charger o it is like an computer with everything like USB reader/writer that is WinCE compatible (Floppy disk, memory, USB Key, etc) o Disadvantages o Cost's to much = �3,382 o slow writing o The charge run out quickly o It takes lots of time to charge up How the technology meets their personal needs This meets the needs of this person Mike Johns with his writing stores and poems. The ways this meets the needs for him because it is easier for him to write on the Braille Notetaker then using a paper and pen. This helps him not only with his story and poem but is helps him to write speech. Is help him with drop down notes on is notetaker. An evaluation of how well the technology meets their personal needs? This meets Mike with his personal life because his puts notes in his Notetaker and the notes that he puts down they all are personal and the Notetaker is for personal need like his had got. ...read more.


An evaluation of how well the technology meets their social needs? This technology help him with his social needs because he talks to friends and family from using the internet and he does that by go the MSN message or emailing to them. He uses the emailing to email his friends out side of the country to and the way he buy food, drink or clothes from the internet by just going to the website and buying it with his card and then the them will devilry it to your door. How the technology meets their needs in employment In employment this helps him to keep his jobs as most jobs would not take him if he can't speak properly. This talking typer makes his life easier. The main thing about this is that it allows him to speak. Without this talking typer he would have not gotten the job he has right now, without this technology he could have only got jobs like cleaning or jobs that don't contain talking. This technology meets his needs as it helps him to get a good job in life, to help himself and his family. An evaluation of how well the technology meets their work needs? This technology meets this persons needs in work as it will help him to talk to other people by just typing the letters on the keyboard. He needs this technology so people understands him and so he can tell other people what to do in order to get his work done. Shabeer Toor 10N ...read more.

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