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ICT hickley health club analysis

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The form of out put * A two page leaflet, and must be presented with two folds and six sides * Picture * It must be presentable * A screen display which can be printed out * Two side with information on both sides The information to be output * Contact details * Address * Headings * Health club name * Facilities and time * E-mail address * Logo * Picture and colour * Trail front page to attract 16-21 year olds * Two messages on front page * Classes and events list * Fitness program details The data needed to produce the output and the source of data * Pictures 'on disk' * Address as stated on 'page 10' * Telephone number as stated on 'page 9' * Logo as stated on 'page 9' on disk' * Must be in colour 'stated on page 8' * Two messages on front page 'stated on page 10' * Fitness programme details 'stated on page 9' * Two messages (from me) ...read more.


win three games win the match * a player cannot win more than three games in a match * the calculation between each of the scores The data needed to produce the output * the position of each player, 'stated on page 31' * scoring sheet of league two 'saved on disk' * Scoring sheet for league 1 already filled in and saved on disk and stated on 'page 16 and 17'. * match scores for league 1 'stated on page 16' * match scores for league 2, 'saved on disk' * scoring sheet for league 1 and 2, 'stated on page 31' * club logo 'saved on disk' * Scoring sheet for league one filled in and 'saved on disk' Desired outcome performance criteria (dopc) * Score system must be printed out * Max of five games and each player can play max three games * Able to add up all the differences to show the rank automatically * List all the formula used and then print out * Must be able to cope with errors made ...read more.


membership types * Must have clubs contact and details * Must have members name * Must have expiry date of members membership * Must have clubs logo * Must have members address * Must have address of club * I must produce headed note paper with clubs contact details * The system must automatically the title, name and address * Must test the system by sending to all youth members who will become 22 by the end of February 2009 * Must send out letters to junior members who will become 16 by the end of February 2009. * must make sure system caters membership types and dates to be able to use the letter system in the future * must send out letters to adult members who will become 60 by the end of November 2009 * must have two types of adult membership (adult and adult off peak) * must change membership type fields (so Katie doesn't need to type it in) Testing: (Testing is required) ?? ?? ?? ?? AQA Coursework Mohammed Abdul Halim 1 ...read more.

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