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ICT in an oragnization

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Unit 2A Introduction The company I will be investigating is called Asda. Asda is a large supermarket that offers food, clothing and general merchandise products. It became a part of the American retail giant, Wal-Mart in 1999, and it is currently the second largest chain store in UK after Tesco. As Asda is a large retail company, the ASDA is Wal-Mart's largest overseas subordinate, accounting for almost half of the company's international sales. As of January 2006, there were 21 ASDA/Wal-Mart Supercentres, 243 ASDA superstores, 37 ASDA supermarkets (including town centres), five ASDA Living stores, 10 George clothing stores and 24 depots (distribution centres). ASDA has 150,000 employees, who it refers to as "colleagues" (90,000 part-time, 60,000 full-time). The company is also engaged in property development through its subsidiary company, Gazeley Properties Limited. History The present ASDA Stores Limited was founded by Laura Beth Murray as Associated Dairies & Farm Stores Ltd in 1949. However the formation of the ASDA name occurred in 1965 with the merger of the Asquith chain of three supermarkets and Associated Dairies; ASDA is an abbreviation of ASquith and DAiries. For a short time in the 1980s Asda Stores Ltd was a subsidiary of ASDA-MFI plc following a merger between the two companies. ...read more.


There is some money reserved called the budget for the improvement of the Asda's retails store condition for the customers as well as the staff. These can range from major store refurbishments to buying more chairs in the staff room. Before spending the budget, a list of all the suggestions is made and the more important changes take priority and the budget is then spent on them for that year. Next year, a new list is made with the remaining suggestions from last year and the previous process is repeated. Sales Department The job of the sales department is to bring money into its business. There are many aims and objective of the sales department such as: * Take customer telephone orders, presence sales, and internet orders * Deal with customer queries and complaints * To provide an enjoyable shopping experience for the customers The below are some of the main types of ICT used by Asda: * At Asda, there are a few self-service tills where the customers can scan their goods in and pay for them without the aid of a member of staff at the till. They place the items into a bagging area where the bag is weighed and the machine complains vocally when it thinks that weight of something in the bag does not match with the inventory database lists the weight as. ...read more.


The software used to make the leaflets is Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Photoshop. These two particular programs are used as they as the most versatile and user-friendly software for advertising available. Photoshop is used to manipulate images needed such as the key-person (e.g. the celebrity used in the advertisement). When they have offers in store, Asda uses posters such as "Buy One Get One Free" within the store at each shelf. Sometimes, they use advertisements in the local newspaper, informing us that there are some fantastic offers available. Communication Internal communication at Asda comes in many different forms: oral, written, or virtual. This is essential in management to identify strengths and weaknesses, which helps in the process of decision making. Asda uses newsletters and notices on the notice board to inform their employees about important issues such as new fire drill routine. Asda uses e-mail and telephone calls when informing other departments within the organisation. For example: if the sales department needs to contact the purchasing department to order new stock, they would be most likely to use e-mail. The purchasing department uses e-mail almost all the time when ordering goods. This is very useful as there is no need to send letter or faxes to the supplier who may receive the order misprinted or damaged, or not receive at order at all. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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