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ICT in business - database solutions.

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Jess Kimber Database Project December/Jan 06/07 Databases - 'Identify' a) Background Information Calvin Carrot owns and works in a DVD rental shop in Hastings called "DVDs-2-Go" and there are currently four staff members who work in the shop on a regular basis. At the present time, all Customer details are stored on individual cards kept in a filing cabinet in the DVD store. The problem with keeping customer details on individual cards is that using filing cabinets take up a large majority of space within the shop and retrieving customer details can take a lot of time and the cards can easily be lost. Also, if the shop has over 500 members then this will use up a lot of paper for all the customer details which would be a waste and if a customer's details need to be updated e.g. ...read more.


Advantages * ICT skills are not necessary so the workers will not need to learn how to use the Database system which can sometimes be complicated to use. * The business would not need to pay for computer equipment which can be expensive. * Information is reliable and will be there as long as if has not been shredded by an employee. * Data would not be lost if there ever was a power cut during open hours. Disadvantages * At some point data will need to be updated and this could be messy and mistakes are easily made. * The data will take up a lot of a lot of space in the filing cabinets and multiple cabinets will be needed so this would take up a lot of space within the shop. ...read more.


DVD Genre, DVD Rating, Loan Transactions, Customer by surname etc. * A standard letter will need to be sent to many people informing them of their overdue DVD(s). Some details such as their name will vary but the rest is the same. Word processors let you set up fields for variable data and these fields are filled in my merging with a data source. * Data can easily be added, deleted or amended to ensure the data on file is up to date. * You can not only store information, but sort it as well. For instance, get information for a certain state or person only. Disadvantages * If there is a power cut during open hours, data may be lost and unrecoverable. Spreadsheets could be an alternative to using a database as in Excel a filter can be used to sort data more quickly. ...read more.

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