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ICT in Communication

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ICT is vital to GAP. Every aspect of their operation is controlled or monitored by ICT - stock, distribution, payroll, communication methods, and so on. ICT is essential to the running of a modern store. It is used for planning, monitoring, auditing and communicating between store operations. For example, when an item has its barcode read at the checkout, the system not only logs the price onto the till, but also logs the financial transaction between GAP and the customer and the fact that the stock has been reduced by one item. On the distribution side, instructions from the mainframe computer are sent directly to forklift truck operators at depots by radio links. This shows the integration of departments by using ICT. All stores are connected to the mainframe at Head Office via the GAP Network. There are a large number of different applications that stores use both independently and via the mainframe connection. For example, there are Personnel and Scheduling systems in store, and access to electronic mail via the mainframe. ICT in Communication GAP need to communicate with a range of individuals and organisations. Including their customers, their competitors and their suppliers. Good communication in GAP is essential if it is going to achieve its objectives and to operate effectively. ...read more.


GAP is very dependent on running an effective database. That's why GAP has become to dominate in the retailing field more elaborate and advanced than those of major rivals. GAP recognize that if they have the best ICT systems to communicate internally and that these are applied appropriately to their communication needs, they are strongly place to gain competitive advantage. The most dramatic increase in the use of electronic communication and media for the purpose of internal and external communication is the creation of Internet websites. GAP as an Internet website they use for all forms of communication within the business and outside the business. The Internet allows GAP to carry out tasks such as payrolls, business done, product scheduling and goods ordering, this speeds up the work done before. External use of ICT in GAP GAP need to communicate with a range of stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, government officials, suppliers and the community. A range of different external communications media is employed to communicate with these groups of people. Investors and shareholders are kept up to date with GAP by a number of communication methods. Company reports and documentation are sent by post and notified of any meetings taking place, which involves their presence. But ICT allows the shareholders and investors all the news they want to know about the share price, meetings and companies progress, by logging onto GAP corporate website. ...read more.


The impact of ICT In the first decade of the twenty-first century, in GAP ICT has totally transformed the ways of communicating within and outside the business: � The use of e-mail to replace many communications that were previously carried out to give information to shareholders and directors by letters, faxes and phones calls. � The use of networked database to replace GAP traditional systems of filing and storing information. � The use of computers to replace a range of standardized operations involving the interface between GAP and its customers. For example registering an order, requesting items from stores, maintaining stock levels, ect. � The use of an internet website to create a communication link between GAP and its global market. � The use of digital methods for much faster communications, involving a range of visual, sound, and other forms of communications. Tesco based on business processes put a high premium on information and on sharing ICT facilities. ICT has a very important role to play for GAP achieving its business objectives. Groups working together in a team will need to share information, and computer terminals of different specialists are linked, so that information is available to all. ICT systems and their applications influence the ways in which GAP operate and compete at all levels of decision making. ICT is essential to the running of a modern store. It is used for planning, monitoring, communicating and auditing store operations. ...read more.

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