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ICT in Organisations 1: Introduction: What is EPOS? What is epos? Epos is a name for a till that operates in big organisation

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Unit 2b: ICT in Organisations 1: Introduction: What is EPOS? What is epos? Epos is a name for a till that operates in big organisation. EPOS systems are mainly used by businesses that have large numbers of regular sales like debenhams, EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale, is an electronic system that processes credit cards transactions so that the credit card has the right funds in it ,it is also Checkout tills that are connected to a computer with a bar code scanner that scans the products . The EPOS also provides full stock control; it also provides the tracking of refunding goods. It electronically receives and sends bar code information. How debenhams use epos is that it controls Product handling at point of sale, stock control, automatic reordering and rate of sale information and also is set up to retain a database of all customers volunteering their name/address/telephone number, for the purpose of mailing lists or other marketing database. EPOS can hold details on a maximum of 100,000 stock items. ...read more.


Computer uses a different code for each character on the keyboard. A key board is also A hardware device consisting of a number of mechanical buttons (keys) which the user presses to input characters to a computer. How keyboards input devices work is that When a key is pressed, it pushes down on a rubber dome sitting beneath the key. A conductive contact on the underside of the dome touches (and hence connects) a pair of conductive lines on the circuit below. This bridges between them and allows current to flow changing the signal strength. A scanning signal is worked by the chip along the pairs of lines to all the keys. When the signal in one pair becomes different, the chip generates a "make code" corresponding to the key connected to that pair of lines. The code generated is sent to the computer either via a keyboard cable or over a wireless connection. A chip inside the computer receives the signal bits and decodes them into the appropriate key press. The computer then decides what to do on the basis of the key pressed (e.g. ...read more.


.the processor is needed in debenhams epos systems because it helps debenhams to sort everything up to date and get everything sorted to scratch so that it can run like a functional company and also helps debenhams to calculate its shares so that they can know whither the have loses or profits . I think the processor helps debenhams get up to date for that debenhams can gain profits because they have a well fulfilling company that meets its processing needs. The processors used as part of an EPOS system in debenhams There are many processors used at debenhams for epos systems ,one of them is a Store server its make is NCR Worldmark 4455 and the processor type is Pentium Xeon and its processor speed is 500MHz and the size of the RAM is 500MHz. the second processor I will be talking about is the mainframe , its make is IBM ISeries model 840, its size is 3.1Tb, its processor type is 64 bit RISC #23FC , and its processor speed is 16,500 CPW batch 2,000 CPW Interactive . Output devices devices that are used at debenhams are * VDU * Printers * Monitor * Scanner * Hand held barcode scanners ...read more.

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