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ICT in Reuters

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ICT in Reuters Reuters Departments Here is a summary of the main ICT related departments in Reuters. Department Main objectives ICT Support Reuters use ICT in a variety of ways. Data is available through platforms such as internet. Reuters manage software and hardware so that it meets the needs of staff and customers. Development To develop software so that it meets the needs of existing customers, in order to ensure that it is a market leader in financial news and data. Finance Reuters aim to make a profit by selling news to professionals in financial services and directly to customers. They monitor all financial transactions in order to keep Reuters profitable. ICT Support Information about ICT support in Reuters was given to me by Roger Peters. ICT Support was partly contracted out to Fujitsu when Reuters moved to South Colonnade at Canary Wharf. ...read more.


Price is now reasonable * Easy theft * Accidents such as dropping the laptop or spilling liquid on the laptop Software called Service Center is used to log all requests for help from employees. The programme is a Call Management System. The software records the user name, the ICT problem, the referral made, and also the outcome of the help. The system to get help is: 1. A Phone or Email Help Desk is contacted. If the problem cannot be solved, the user is referred to PC Clinic in their own building. 2. If Business As Usual needs to be maintained, an engineer is sent to help the user at their work station. 3. Otherwise an email is sent to the user to bring their laptop to PC Clinic within 24 hours. The user is told to back-up data, and a replacement laptop is loaned to the user if required to carry on working. ...read more.


Double screens are sometimes used due to the demands of the work, when multiple programs need to be run simultaneously. Finance The aim of the Finance department is: - To work out whether the purchase and sale of information is balanced enough for Reuters to make a profit To make sure Reuters do not spend more than it can afford, records of all transactions are kept. Each Reuters department is given a yearly budget. The expenditure of each department is worked out and sent to them as a report. If a department wishes to spend extra money, they will require permission from the Finance department. The department is also responsible for working out income tax, pension contributions and National Insurance, which are then sent to government departments. Each year, the Finance Department must produce an Annual Profit/Loss statement to present to shareholders. Software used by the Finance Department includes spreadsheets for much of their work, ISIS for transaction records, Microsoft Word for letters, and e-mail for communication. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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