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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4680

ICT in society.

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UNIT 3A ICT IN SOCIETY ICT IN SOCIETY UNIT 3A Almost everyone in the UK will use or be involved in the use of I.C.T during the day, if you walk into a shop with automatic doors, straight away you are being involved in I.C.T. Very few people realise how much they rely on I.C.T and how much it is used during their everyday life. I.C.T In The Home Almost every home in the U.K will have some form of I.C.T within its walls, kitchen appliances, timer sockets, computers and televisions all use I.C.T. I will cover some important areas in which I.C.T is used in the home in this report. My diary To help me decide on the areas in which I was to cover the uses of ICT, I kept a diary throughout a 2 day period to see how much I really use ICT and what ICT I used. The days were Friday and Saturday, to give me a fair representation of my use inside and outside of school, the results of my diary are shown below, FRIDAY SATURDAY Home Social School Home Social School CD Player Mobile Phone Internet Television Mobile Phone N/A Television House Phone Computer Oven WAP N/A Microwave CD Player Toaster Computer Internet E-Mail Teletext I.C.T In School I.C.T is also used in the school. In the school I use ICT mainly for work and research. Item My Main Use Other Uses Television Entertainment Information Teletext/Ceefax Information Entertainment Internet Entertainment Research, Information Mobile Phones Communication Information, Entertainment Personal Computers Work Entertainment Information Kitchen Appliances Cooking N/A CD Players Entertainment DVD/VHS Entertainment Television. The television is one of the most widely used forms of I.C.T. and was used on various occasions throughout the 2-day period. Almost every household in the UK has one, or sometimes more. It is very simple to access, but without I.C.T it would not work at all. ...read more.


I think it is also provides good entertainment and provides a valuable source of news. E.G. If you are in a foreign county all the news on their Internet servers will be for their country in their language. An example of this is the web page ending e.g. for English speaking pages .com or .co.uk is used. For Chinese the ending is .ch is used. Mobile Phones Mobile phones have a very large affect on the way we lead our every day lives. Without them contact would be made a lot harder. They have become so commonplace in most of our lives now that no one realises how much they do affect us. Mobile phones have a variety of uses, they have many functions some of these include: - * Text Messaging * Phone calls * Picture messaging * WAP - (Wireless application protocol) * Video Messaging I will write a small amount about each one and evaluate their uses. Text Messaging This is the most common way of communication using a mobile phone. I use this very commonly while in the home and in the school, when I need to make contact with friends and do not have the resources to call them, or the time to do so. Without text messaging then contact would have to be made through voice conversation, which in some cases you would not be able to do, e.g. down a busy street, at a football match or sitting on public transport, when you would not be able to hear the person you are talking to, and they would not be able to hear you. Phone Calls This is another common use for mobile phones, it enables for the first time people to contact each other from anywhere in the UK, where there is a signal. It is very useful if you need to contact someone in the car for example, you can keep your hands on the steering wheel and talk through what is known as a hands-free kit. ...read more.


Software * Copying CDs * Listening to the radio * Internet The computer has many uses, and all of these are widely used, the computer is fast becoming a vital part in everyday life. Kitchen Appliances Although many people do not realise it many kitchen appliances use some form of I.C.T in their working. Microwave- Uses ICT for the timer, and for different functions such as defrost, heat etc. Modern microwaves often have functions for different foods now, and many microwaves will calculate the weight of the product inside it now so it makes it easier for you to cook or defrost it. Oven- Uses ICT in a very similar way that the microwave does, ICT activates the fan, and sets the temperature. Ovens have different heat methods also; these are also controlled by ICT Hob- these come in different types, you can have electrical or gas hobs. These both use ICT for controlling the temperature, and advantage of the electrical hob is that it presents less safety risk; this is due to ICT heating up just the surface, not leaving a flame which to set something alight. Evaluation of Kitchen Appliances Without the use of ICT cooking would be restricted to a stove over an open fire. Food would not be cooked as well or as safely. Without ICT used in cooking the chances of food-related disease would be greatly increased. Therefore I believe that with the use of ICT food is better and safer. Final evaluation of ICT for home and school uses: Without ICT in the home or at school, life would be made a lot harder. It has now become essential in everyone's lives, if ICT was eradicated from life, then the world would be in total chaos. ICT has become invaluable in modern day life. Without ICT in the home, the only heat would come from a coal fire, with it electric. Without ICT my life in school and at home would be unimaginably different. Thomas Mann 11.0 1 ...read more.

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