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ICT in society

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ICT in the Wider World ICT has changed most of our lives from the way we work to the way we communicate with each other. Nowadays ICT is not just associated with computers, it can be linked with anything that has a computer chip in it e.g. mobile phones. ICT within businesses Almost every work place will have some form of ICT within their business. This is because it makes things a lot quicker and easier. ICT has changed the way businesses operate. In the past business had to write out all their reports and document then store them manually. This makes it more difficult to keep track of all the papers. This meant that it was more likely for businesses to lose important documents. However as the years have past technology has progressed. It is no longer necessary for business to keep all their records manually. They can keep a record by saving it on the computer and backing it up on a USB. In addition, it has also changed the way businesses operate because instead of having offices they can set up online business. ...read more.


It is a lot easier for businesses to make high quality products however, they do not have to spend as much as they used to. In addition, it is easier for businesses to distribute their products to their customers using bar code readers. The positive effects of ICT There are many different advantages to using ICT systems including the improvement of the lives of disabled people. This is because people with mobility problems do not have to travel to stores because they can shop for food or clothes online. Another example of the way ICT makes it easier for people that are disabled is that if someone has bad eyesight they can enlarge documents to enable them to see the words. In addition, if someone has bad earning they can put subtitles to watch TV this will enable them to understand what they are watching. In addition, ICT has revolutionised entertainment. This means that instead of having to watch just 5 channels the member of the public now have a range of television channels to choose from this is due to satellite and digital TV. ...read more.


Another negative point to using computer is they can sometimes get computer viruses which in the worst case could break down their computer. This means that will have to spend money on repairs. The differences between my system and commercial systems There are many differences between my system and commercial systems including Commercial systems are more difficult and complicated. This is because most commercial businesses are very large. This means that they have several workers. In addition my logo was very colourful and had quite a few pictures. However a commercial business may have a simpler logo. This is because they may want to look more sophisticated. Training requirements for ICT systems It is very difficult to use a computer for someone who has never seen one before. Therefore many businesses pay for special training for their workers. They may begin with a starter's course to teach them the basics to using a computer like switching a computer on. Then they may go onto an intermediate course which could teach them how to use the Microsoft office e.g. Microsoft word. Then they may go to a more advanced course teaching them about the internet and how you can use it to search things. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Muna Aden ...read more.

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