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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3420

ICT in society. " The way in which I use ICT at home and at school.

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ICT in society. - The way in which I use ICT at home and at school. Introduction: ICT is a major part of my life, many jobs require ICT skills, therefore, computers are becoming increasingly more useful to me, they are fantastic for work, school, or just for fun. Just about everything can be done on a computer, and just about anywhere in the world! I could write an essay, sell some old pyjamas, talk to a friend on the other side of the world or even order a pizza! In this assignment I will be focusing on 6 features of the computer, which I use in everyday life. These are: * Music downloads * Word processing * Online Gaming * Personal spaces/websites * Online Auctions * Instant messaging Technology P/S/WR Where used Category Limewirre Personal Home Entertainment Microsoft Word Personal + Work Home and school Education Online games Personal Home Entertainment Myspace Personal/Social Home Social Ebay.com Personal Home Shopping MSN messenger Social Home/School Social For people of my generation, you would find it hard to find a job in which you don't need ICT skills, as in the next 10 years, I think all jobs will rely on computing. 20, even 10 years ago you would of found it very easy to find a job that doesn't require computing skills, as computers were rarer, a lot less advanced and a lot more expensive than they are now! Most people in England of my age have been bought up with computers therefore we would find them a lot easier to use, and perhaps a lot less daunting than some older people. However I think we take it all for granted. There are many millions of children around the globe that haven't had the opportunity to be educated on computers many have never even seen one! The way in which I use ICT at home and at school. ...read more.


Some of these games are for download and many of them you can play on a website, games that are strictly for download are often better or bigger than games on a website. Some games including World Of War Craft have over 10million players! These aren't all children, millions of these are adults, games like this are appealing as they let you play the role of a character. I can chat, make friends or just fight against an enemy. Online gaming is not just available on a PC but on other games consoles such as the Xbox or the Playstation. Many games released for these consoles include services such as Netplay (a online service provided by Sony's Paystation) or Xbox Live (an online service provided by Microsoft's Xbox). These services allow me to play my game as usual, but I can also log into the appropriate service and play the exact same game but against millions of people all over the globe. I can speak to them through a headset or chat to them via a keyboard. Advantages / Disadvantages bookmakers such as Ladbrokes and William Hill have provided online gambling sites that allow you to win money via betting or having a game of poker without having to step out of your front door. I have not experienced any gambling websites and I am underage 18 (the legal age for gambling.) Not all online gaming sites offer cash prizes however. Sites such as miniclip.com offer free, harmless, gaming fun, for people of all ages. "Miniclip" is proud to host over 400 online games fitting in to 17 categories. "Miniclip" has multiplayer games or single player games that I play by myself. Multiplayer games can either be played against people around the world, or against a friend sharing the same keyboard as me, but using different control keys. Computer outlets have now brought out special game related hardware (controllers) ...read more.


Or if none of these appeal to me, I could even chat to them using my microphone and watch them, if I/they have a web-cam. When I sign in to windows live messenger I have the option to appear: * Offline * Busy * Be right back * In a call * Away * Out to lunch * Or online This can determine whether people speak to me or not, as sometimes when I sign in to messenger I am bombarded by people wanting to chat to me, this can get very frustrating as it is hard to speak to more than one person at a time. Messenger gives you the option to save your "ChatLogs", "ChatLogs" are a record of a conversation I have on msn, so if I forgot what I said to somebody I could simply check my "ChatLogs" which are saved in a folder of my choice. I do not have to keep my conversation window up all the time, I can minimize it, and every time someone messages me it will flash orange at the bottom of my screen. This is handy as if I was writing a document at the same time as chatting to a friend, I would not have to keep the conversation window open. Contacts recognise by the display name I chose, and the display picture I chose, my display name could be anything I wish, but may only contain numbers and letters. My display picture may also be anything I wish, but animated pictures will not work. Computers affect my life a great deal, without them I would not be able to complete work to the standard which I do so at the moment. I use computers almost everyday for homework, I not only use the features I have mentioned but many other programmes/features as well, which help me in completing and presenting my work. At school I study ICT and I am constantly learning new things, and my understanding of computers is forever broadening. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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