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ICT in the local community

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ICT in the local community In this essay, I will be talking about how ICT affects the local community. I shall be talking about how it is used in: * Libraries * Cyber caf�s * ATM machines Libraries In the libraries, a computerised booking system is used, instead of a manual booking system. The advantages of not having a manual booking are: * There are no longer long queues waiting to borrow books. * Booking systems are now much faster * The actual booking takes a lot less time * Booking by computers is more reliable, as in a manual booking system, if a member of staff was booking manually, they could very easily make a mistake. * It is very easy to search for a book and see whether it is available in the library or if it has been lent out. * It is simple to find where a specific book is inside the library My local library has computers with access to the internet. There are many advantages to this: * Young people who do not have computers at home can do their homeworks/courseworks at the library and save it on a floppy/pen drive, which they can then take to school and hand in. * They can search for information on the internet which helps them with their homeworks/courseworks. ...read more.


They can also load Microsoft Access to access their diaries. Cyber cafes can be used socially, to chat to friends and family all over the world. You can sign in to your MSN account and check your mails, see who is online and chat to your friends, colleagues etc. You can also do work on the computers as Microsoft Office is available on the computers. The only downside to cyber cafes is that there are no restrictions on the sites you can go on. Children can go to 18+ sites and parents cannot do anything about this which makes them constantly worry. Cyber cafes can also be used to work in. my friend ismail does not have a computer at home. On normal weekdays, he works in the school library to finish his work off. During weekends, instead of going to the local library, he goes to the cyber caf� to work. This is because in the local library, he would only get a 30-minute session. On top of this, he would probably have to wait a few hours to get on to a computer as there are long queues in the library. Also, there would be no peace there, as kids normally play there and other people chat al day. This means he would not be able to work as well as he could and also that he would not be able to concentrate well. ...read more.


They are found at these places sp if a person is running out of money and wishes to take more out, they can easily withdraw some from the ATM machines rather than go all the way to a bank! This saves a huge amount of time. The reason there are several of these machines put is mainly to reduce queues. This saves time for the people visiting the theme parks or zoos. To withdraw money from ATM machines, all that is needed is a bank card. The owner of the card also has a PIN number which he/she uses to access the account. The person just inserts the card and chooses one of several options. They can withdraw cash with a receipt, or without a receipt. They can print off a mini statement or a full statement. They can order a new cheque book or just simply check their bank balance. As long as their card and PIN number are kept safe, there is hardly any chance of fraud. Overall, I believe the different ways in which ICT is being used is great for the community. There is less time wasting and people can get things done much quicker! Most things are now much simpler and people can learn about things they would never have been able to learn about without ICT! They can find jobs in a matter of minutes! ?? ?? ?? ?? Bilal Hussain Page 1 of 4 09/05/2007 Centre number 32105 candidate no. 4090 ...read more.

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