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ICT in the local community.

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ICT in the local community coursework I will be report I will be writing about how ICT has an affect on my local community which is Bradford, West Yorkshire. I will also include the good things and the bad about each part of ICT as it is used by the local community and laws that effect the way things are done in the local community. Booking tickets on-line. You can book tickets online for many events but the most popular is booking for the Alhambra theatre in Bradford. People often go to the Alhambra to see live shows that range from comedies to dramas and being able to book a ticket online is useful for many people in the local community. To book a ticket on-line is easy just follow the instructions on the site, here is an example: The good points about it are that to book a ticket the community doesn't even have to move from their seat, and they can also take their time choosing when and what they want to see. The bad points about this is that the local community's request might not go through although they have thought it has, or the system of the theatre may have gone down and then in that case they have to go to the theatre themselves. ...read more.


Bradford Central library is the most popular library in Bradford and it has 8 floors each with 1 or 2 hone lines. They also have internet access which can be use by the local community. This is where the internet code of practice comes into play here, it is an agreement that protects internet users. This isn't really effective because it is an agreement not a law. People still pay a small fee to register with this practice although there is no need to. The library also has access to other ICT appliances on all floors of the library which can be used by the puff called James by the public any time during opening hours. They also have bigger screen with bigger text which meet the needs of the visually impaired. Software packages available are: Word 2000, Excel 2000, Publisher 2000 and Power Point 2000. To get these programs the library has to be licensed which it is otherwise they would be breaking a Copyright Law called Software Copyright Laws which came into force in the year 1988. This law states that software can not be used if it is not registered. The Computer misuse act also comes into consideration here because this law states that unauthorised access to computer programs or data is an offence. ...read more.


There is an example of laser traffic lights on Hammestrasse junction on Valley Parade. The good points about this are that it reduces the build up of traffic around junctions. The bad points about this are that some may get vandalised and when there is too much traffic the lights are always changing and that leads to build up on one side of the lights and there will not be as much on the other. Also these are good for pedestrians because they have the advantage, when the button is pressed the lights change within 30 seconds. The bad points however are that if there is loads of traffic, lights are constantly changing which can be a pain if you are in a rush. Also if you are the only car at one point of the junction and many at another the green light will stay with the majority of the traffic so you could be waiting there for up to 5 minutes. There are also some lights on Wakefield Road near the end of Lister Avenue and those are in between 2 schools, which are BCCC and Lower Fields Primary, these are extremely useful for the many kids that use them many times throughout the year. These light work on a timer so even though there may not be any pedestrians there vehicles will have to stop anyway which can be stressful because it is on a main road. James Hughes 37128 07/11/03 ...read more.

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