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ICT in the Wide World

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ICT in the Wide World Life has changed in a major way, compared to life in the olden days. Computers and the internet have been invented and are a huge helpful source to organize things, communicate with other people ALL around the world, and to make things easier for us. Many people use ICT daily, because it is technology and this is used daily in society. The internet and computers keep progressing throughout the years, with completely new things to help people progress. There are many types of sensors, these are the main things that help us, and these are connected to technology, just like a computer. MP3s, MP4s, Ipods, and Gaming devices, all work in a similar way to computers, although there are less options you can do with them. These are called microprocessors, although there are many types of microprocessors, and in this case, they are for entertainment. The difference between my system and other Travel Agencies is, their system is more complicated, although that is because it includes the billing form, which I do not have included in my system, since I am not doing that stage. ...read more.


Organizations such as eBay and Amazon are quite known throughout society, and people who have not heard of them are people who do not use computers at all, because these online stores can only be accessed to by the internet. The organization makes it even easier, with just ordering whatever it is you want, and interact with other customers to get to know about what they are selling or buying. Another advantage of this is that they can be open 24/7 because the manufacturers do not need to monitor the site, but of course do need to look at queries and answer questions. Every real life market has its own website, and if not, then it is not thought of as a successful store. Most of the stores websites even try to get you interested and show you a brief preview of their products and where they can be located. Some market advertisers even base their whole market life online. ...read more.


A podcast is when media files are distributed over the internet worldwide. Intranet is another way of communication. An intranet is a private computer network that uses network connectivity to share any wanted organization's information with its employees. The internet is the best way to communication, because it is reliable and easy to use. Chatting is partly one of the main things people are interested, and research is very easy due to the internet. Working on paper and pen is now a past, especially when it comes to work. Every job placement has to involve computing, jobs like marketing and ICT especially. Using paper and pen, is like scrap and not exactly formal. It is also one of the quick ways of writing what you want, and most people use pen and paper is just to note down quick ideas that pop up. Buying specialist SW designed for specialists' tasks is quite expensive although the results are pleasing and worth it, and it is essential. Also involves specialist-training requirements, because of course everything has a requirement. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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