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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5184

ICT is an important feature of learning more information. It is the most important development for me and definitely making things easier and faster. In college I am studying IELTS, ICT

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A Typical Teenager Introduction For many reasons the Internet is very useful for me. The Internet is the ability to help me at home and college with my classworks and course works. It's easier and faster than writing an essay by hand. When I have a coursework to do I use Microsoft's such as Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel etc. using different fonts, texts, titles etc. my work would look more neat and correct spelling. Sometimes when I miss a lesson my teacher sends me the work by E-mail, I usually check my E-mails and see if I got any new E-mail about my work. I can connect people in easier ways. The Internet offers near-instant access to a variety of information that I might find helpful in my research. Yet because I can post information on the Net, and because most on-line information does not have to pass any standards, unlike published resources. I use such web sites as sources in research papers, assuming that all of the "facts" and opinions presented are accurate and do not need to be questioned or investigated further. It will be easier for me to summarise it. ICT is an important feature of learning more information. It is the most important development for me and definitely making things easier and faster. In college I am studying IELTS, ICT, Science and Mathematics. I use internet to research information and give me ideas how to write essays. I save them on a diskette or a USB stick; it is an easier thing to keep it with you all the time. I have an easy access in college. Changing information in split seconds. Using express a particular point or idea. The use of ICT has extended the hours I can learn at a higher level without the environmental pressure of college or even home improving the way I learn. Moreover the ability of computer to link me with others from far away places and get ideas from them. ...read more.


Doing much work on papers, making notes on cards and read it loud, the audience, sometimes and the audience could not hear you properly so you had to read as loud as you can. We are in 21st century and computers are used in all places, and in everywhere in the world I can use power point to present their works. Power point to me is a program which makes presentations looking better, efficient and easy to follow and mostly direct to the point. With power point I don't need other external paper to use because it's no needs, only on pc, by the help of a projector; it can be easily followed on a white screen. By power point by the help of visual aids like, pictures, graphics, videos, sound files etc. my presentation can be more effective, efficient and things can be told in less time without loosing the audience's attention and also special effects can be added on writings to make presentations more enjoyable. Power point is also useful for my education which boosts my learning capabilities and trying to make me how to learn and study effectively with the slates. Maybe in the future, 3D visual presentations can be done with a special device for each person so that they can choose the sections they would like to check, or re-hear again, or stop the presentation and letting the audience to show where there is a problem or misunderstanding by special device. It can import what you have created in other Microsoft products, such as Word and Excel into any of your slides. On the other hand, it could be able to use power point in mobile phones, or any other electrical stuffs. The benefit of instruments like PowerPoint is that they produce an extremely readable document. Those of us who struggle with producing readable notes on the whiteboard often feel that PowerPoint is better because of this readable. ...read more.


It is more likely lose my concentration on the road and have an accident, possibly resulting in the death of the driver, other road users or pedestrians. This is why a law has just been passed making it illegal to drive whilst talking on a mobile phone with out a hands free kit. It is not the traditional ones at home they need batteries and need to b charged hen needed, which can cause problem when they are over heated. It could be addicting in many ways, for example while studying, playing games and loosing control etc. First of all in a good way using a mobile hone is a very important in our life. They help us to get closer to our friends and family and to get out of emergency situations. In my opinion people use mobile phones because they gave him opportunities to communicate with others at any places and at anytime. I think that in rules it restricts mobile phone usage are inapplicable because they eliminate that opportunity. The best decision is to provide tools to make conversations more private and to keep the opportunity to use mobile phones everywhere. Secondly there are many things about mobile phones risks; it can damage brain by using it too much. Presently, some scientists have been discussing about mobile phone's harms. Legislation - Copyright There is no official register for copyright. It is not registered right. There is no official action to take, no application to make, forms to fill in or fees to pay. Copyright comes into effect immediately, as soon as something that can be protected is created and "fixed" in some way, e.g. on paper, on film, via sound recording, as an electronic record on the internet, etc. All documents - including text, graphics, sound and video are held on copyright. These documents may not be reproduced, stored in any form (electronic, photocopying etc.) without permission from the owners, unless document must have been used for informational purposes only or the document that must have a copyright symbol. ?? ?? ?? ?? Naz Mariwan ICT Coursework ...read more.

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