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ICT - Lancre Festival Task 1 - Analysis

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Task 1 - Analysis Identification I am taking on the role as Pat who studies ICT. The team organising the Lancre Festival need my help to make sure the festival is a success. The leader of the team, Stuart Harris, has asked me to solve the problem by using my ICT skills therefore; I am going to make a website for the festival. The festival is an annual event and attracts many visitors to the town. It takes place in June and lasts for three days. There are many different events and attractions including a concert, a firework display and a parade of decorated floats through out the town. These are the things that I will have to include in my website. * What form any output will take The output will be presented on a screen display with a home page with three more pages. ...read more.


-Have a map showing where the events are taking place -Have date and time of concert -Have a hyperlink back to the homepage -Have the office address -Instructions for ordering tickets Page 4 (Purple Spiders Concert): -Have a hyperlink back to the homepage -Have 2 pictures of the Purple Spiders -Cost of tickets -Have date and time of concert -Information about tickets * The data needed to produce the output Homepage: -Hyperlinks to the other pages (booklet page 8) -Large heading: 'The Lancre Festival 2007' (booklet page 8) -Dates (booklet page 6) -Text about Lancre (given on the disk) -Photographs (given on the disk) Page 2 (Where to Stay): -Hyperlink back to the homepage (booklet Page 8) -List of the different types of accommodation with descriptions (given on the disk) ...read more.


- The home link in the same place as page 3 and 4. - The telephone number must stand out and easy to look for Page 3: Festival Events - The word 'free' has to be in larger font so it stands out from the rest. - The home link should be in the same place as page 2 and 4. - Must include a map to show where the festival is. Page 4: See the Purple Spiders Live at Lancre Festival - The home link should be in the same place as page 2 and 3. - Pictures used to make the page look interesting. * Testing I will need to test the hyperlinks to see if they work properly or not. I will use screen shots as well as the project testing proforma to show my testing. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tony Tien Page 1 ...read more.

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