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ICT - Lancre Festival Task 1 - Design

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My Design I am going to make my background yellow and orange because they're both bright colours so the writing would stand out. I am not going to choose contrasting colours because I think contrasting colours would be more suitable for a younger audience and I am targeting the older audience. I also think contrasting colours are harsh on the eyes. For the title, I am going to use word art so it would be eye catching and attractive. I will change the colours of the title so matches the colour off the background. I'm not making it exactly the same as the background because if I did, it wouldn't stand out. I will use some pictures from clip art to make my website look more interesting. The pictures are going to be relevant to the website. I am also going to use the pictures that were given to me which were photos of the festival itself. ...read more.


On each page, I will try to use some writing and some pictures on each page so it doesn't look boring. On some of my pages, I am going to fill in the text box with a dark orange colour so the text, which is a light colour, would stand out. On my 'Festival Events' page, I will make the word 'free' for the events that are free bold so the audience would be attracted to it and encouraged to read on. Finally, I will test all the hyperlinks to see if they work and make sure my website does exactly what the user wants. I will show that my hyperlinks work by using annotated screen shots. I will also use a testing table to show my tests. I made the page bigger because I couldn't fit in all of the information in on one of my pages. ...read more.


Also, I can easily copy things from one page to another and make sure the pages have a consistent design. * It has a many wizards to choose from so I can get the right template I want which is website. * I am able to preview the website in a browser so I can see how it will be seen to other people. * I am able to rearrange text boxes and pictures around the page to make it look the way I want. * I can choose which font I want to use and which colours are on the page to make the website attractive and appeal to its audience. * I can change the colour scheme of the background to make the colour more suitable for my audience and make the website look more eye-catching. * I can insert pictures from file and clip art to make my web pages look nice. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tony Tien 19/02/2008 1 ...read more.

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