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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1852

ICT Leisure Center

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Introduction of Leisure Centre The Magnet Leisure Centre is in Aylesbury. Every type of people come there & uses its facilities. Its population is about 500.In present moment it have limited ICT system so that's why it have some problems, which can be corrected by using ICT system. In the Leisure centre we have following facilities: 1: Cafeteria/bar 2:Healthsuite 3:Game Zone 4:Sports Hall 5:Training Pool 6:Administation Department 7:Special payment tills & information Display unit. 8:Sports Shop The current system: Membership cards: Each member of the leisure centre filled in a card upon application. This was stored alphabetical order. These cards were cross-referenced to a file of the month they joined to enable the staff to send out notices when they became due.This is because the detail become mixed up with each other. These renewals were pre-printed with gaps left for the details to be filled in on screen for posting. Stand-alone computers are used for this. Accounts: Account work done on time and send to the offices in town. The people who do this job charge too much money. Posters & letters: Posters and leaflets for publicity and advertising are done under a local advertising firm, which is very expensive. They also not appropriate for all members. Sometimes people miss to get them and sometimes their quantity become less. Control Technology: The temperature is control by central processing unit in pool area by using computers and sensors. ...read more.


Administration Department IT systems IT systems helps in Finance, Personal, marketing & Publicity. Yes, it meets the needs. IT system save the time e.g. with this system we can do 1 day long work in just some minutes. Diagram showing ideas for new IT system This flow chart tells us about new ICT system that which advantages we can get from our new ICT system. System Specification Why is network necessary? What it does for the leisure centre? Network is use for communication so that's why it is necessary for the leisure centre. What components will I need to purchase for the new network arrangements? We need to buy a main server, & built the LAN or Wan network, depend on the area. We need to buy all other components e.g. cables, switches etc. Report on finding Area of Leisure Centre Existing Technology Will I need a network? Components needed What will each of the computer need to have to enable them to carry out the work? Peripherals needed? Sport shop Separate payment till holds money & issue receipts. In the sport shop if any thing goes finish, the computer can reorder the stock department immediately through the LAN network. In the sports shop we need LAN network, some wires & network workstations. We need the network inkjet printer for receipts etc. Administration Department 3 stand alone machines. In the administration department, 3 workstations are needed with peripheral printer for finance, personal & marketing. ...read more.


. It's very easy to use. Spread sheet Microsoft Excel For calculating any Type sums for finance dept etc. We can do our calculating very easily without getting confuse. It's very easy to use. Database Access Data of members can save in it, for mail merge & its very easy to find someone's detail. It can keep our record & we can found someone's detail in couple of seconds without getting worried. Desktop Publishing Microsoft Power Point Use for leaflets/posters etc It's very easy for all type of publishing with a lot of different effects. Utility software Norton anti-virus Save our computer from any type of virus, it detects the virus at once. It detects the virus at once & save our computer from danger. Web design FrontPage, dream weaver For publishing our leisure centre on the internet. It's very easy in use for any type of publishing e.g. logos. Graphics Coral draw Use for graphs, charts etc It is very famous software because it is very easy in use with a lot of facilities. E-mail Outlook express For sending & receiving e-mail. It is very common in use because it is easy in use. Operating System Win XP Pro 2000 For operating software It is essential for us to use different programs & software. Modelling Econometrics Logicator It is use for controlling different systems e.g. Car parking system. It's very easy in use with a lot of new functions. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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