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ICT: Long Project Design - Travel Agency

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Long Project - Design The database will be made in Microsoft Access. The other option is to use is to use Microsoft Excel to do the database but it wouldn't allow me to do a relational database. I need a relational database so that information doesn't need to be entered over and over again like what Michael has to do at the moment. I also looked at various advantages for using Access, which I've stated below. Furthermore, making a database will accomplish the criteria of being efficient and being able to be used over many years. To meet the needs of the user for an effective solution to his problems, I will need to make a database system that has forms, reports and queries. Additionally, I will also need to make mail merged letters for him. The forms are to solve his organisation problems and time wasting for editing, searching etc. The queries and reports are to solve his time wasting problem in finding things for himself and for customers. My solution will also have to fulfil all of Mr. Long's desires and all of the performance criteria. For my database, I will have the fields: ID, first name, surname, address, telephone number, and date of birth for the Customers table. This is so that it is clear and the different bits of information is organised. The logo will be given to me by Mr. Long. It represents the travel agency so people can easily recognise it. ...read more.


The run word and run excel button are just in case the user needs to access those programs for things such as calculating prices in excel or writing a simple letter in word. Furthermore, for the Destination form, I will also include a Print Destination Report button because Mr Long wants to be able to print a holiday list and I think the button will be able to save him time doing so. It will also solve the problem of photocopying flights to give to customers which is time consuming. Additionally, I will include a Print Hotels Report button on the Hotels form so it can be quickly printed and given to customers. I will also include Luxor Hotels, Cairo Hotels and Hong Kong Hotels buttons so that when a customer enquires about hotels in the countries that they're interested in, the user can pull up that information with ease. The buttons themselves will open hotel queries that I will make. I will put all the buttons and logo on the forms in the same place so there's a consistent design. I will make a hotels query for each country that is on offer so that the user can quickly get hotels for a particular country rather than going through a list and picking out the relevant ones that are wanted. I will also make a customers query template because Mr Long would like to be able to enter an area and all his customers in that area will come up. ...read more.


Long wants an easier and more efficient way of sending letters. For the mail merge letters, I am going to put: Lee's Holidays at the top of the letter. Then I am going to put the logo on the top left of the page. This is so that when the customers receive the letter; they will know who it's from straight away. I am then going to insert the date on the right hand side so that every time the letter is needed, the date on the letter is automatically changed. This is another automated process which makes it easier for the user to use. I will also make a margin on the left, running all the way down the page. In the margin, I will have the name of the owner, the address, the telephone number and the fax number. After that, I will include the fields: Customer ID, First Name, Surname, Address, Area and Telephone using the mail merge help feature. Then I will write up the contents of the letter talking about the special offer Mr. Long is offering. At the bottom of the letter, I will put Mr. Long's signature. He requested this. The font of the letter will be Papyrus and the font size will be 10. All of this will fulfil the performance criteria for the mail merge letters. These mail merge letters are reusable because the template can be used over and over again. The query just needs to be changed and then the mail merge letters will change. I will make a first draft of the database a show it to Mr Long so he can give me some feedback about it. ...read more.

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