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ICT Multimedia Coursework Assignment A1

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A1 - Report (Work Experience) Introduction: I am going to set my presentation on Work Experience and this will target students in year 10 which will help them know what would be done before Work experience in order to them to go on it. I will also give the year 10's a taste of how it will be like when their on work and the skills that they will gain during the weeks on their work. In this assignment I have used Microsoft Word to type up my report because it's really fast and easy and better than writing it by hand. I also used Microsoft PowerPoint to do my presentation about Work Experience. During my assignment I used Windows Explorer to get images, which will be put on to my presentation and some on my video that I have created on Movie Maker. ...read more.


if I want something to appear on every slide I don't need to write it out every time I can just use master slide and do everything I want on one of the slide and it will automatically appear on all of them. Slide 1 (Work Experience): - In my first slide I used a theme which was used for all of my slides and as you can see it has a certain colour which appears as a title and for other descriptions. I also got the two pictures from clipart which relates to work experience and gave them custom animation as well. Also I used master slide to put the action buttons on all of my slides. Slide 2 (Why do we do work experience?): - In my second slide I used the same theme but changed the colours slightly just to make it look different. ...read more.


I also used custom animation to my slide to make it more entertaining and flexible.lol Slide 5 (Rules of work experience): - This slide is about the rules of work experience that need to be flowed by the year 10s while they are in work. I also added a video of what they need to do in work experience for e.g. keeping their workplace clean and tidy. I also used custom animation to my slide as it will entertain the people looking at the power point. Slide 6 (Selection of jobs): - My last slide was about the type of jobs they can choose whether from the website or manually by going o the place and getting the form by the employer. I added a picture from clipart it shows a man signing paper this refers to what I said in this paragraph about the application form and jobs. I also used custom animation to it to make it entertaining. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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