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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5352

ict ocrnational unit 2 - creating website

Extracts from this document...


Task 8 - Creating the website I now have to create my SRL website, as I will require Microsoft Frontpage to create it. A Website is a collection of Web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that is hosted on a web server, and accessible via the Internet. Purpose of the Website I need to define the purpose of the website and decide what content will be developed. The purpose of the website should show focus based on what the website will accomplish and what the users will get from it.The purpose of making this website is so that the Target Audience, who are Business Travellers, and can be able to book filghts and Hotels. Target Audience Before creating the Website, I will need to consider the Target Audience, which I already know will be Business Travellers. The Audience is the group of people who are expected to visit the website. These people will be viewing the website for a specific reason and it is important for me to know exactly what they are looking for when they visit the site. What I know is that the Target Audience will be looking for online booking forms, so that they can be able to book flights or Hotels with us on the website. They would also be looking for Information about the Company, so that they can get to know more about it. They could also be looking to check out any offers that the company may have made. So bearing in mind that all of these things would be what the audience would be looking for, I will have to make each of the pages containing them very accessible, in order for them to be easily found by the audience, which is really the whole point of me creating this website. What my website will Include: * Text * Graphics * Multimedia * Tables * Hyperlinks (internal, external and email links) ...read more.


As this Template will be everywhere on the Website, I will add a booking form on it, as I would like the booking form to be located on everypage which will make it easily accesible to the Target Audience (Business Travellers), in order for them to easily locate it, and book flights with the company which is the main purpose of Creating this Website. I have clicked on a Section of the Table in the Template, which is located at the left of the page, and I have added a Layer in there because it will be in that section where the form will be located. After resizing the layer I have made the background of it Blue as that will be the Colour of the Booking form. The colour also fits with the House Style as the Colour Scheme includes Blue in it. Then I added text at the top of the Booking form. The text is in Arial, and is White, this also fits with the House Style. The text is 'What are you waiting for, BOOK NOW' The text 'BOOK NOW', also fits with the House Style as it contains Red, which is in the Colour Scheme, and is also in the Arial Font. Below this text I will add the form, which will contain the Drop-Down menus, Option Boxes etc, and also a Submit Button. I added all of the features of the Form, by clicking on Insert and then on Form before I am able to decide which of the many features that I can select to insert onto the Form. This is how my Booking Form ended up looking: I was satisfied to have my Booking Form like this as I think that it had all the key information for visitors to be able to Book Flights or Hotels. I think that everything is well layed out, and makes sense, in order for viewers to easily select options and easily book. ...read more.


I inserted Images to this Page, to help a user understand what is being explained in the Text about which is that The Shuttlels are Luxurious. Routes Page Routes Page: Will include information about the different Routes which you can travel by. I first added the Template by clicking on Insert, and then on Format, and then on Dynamic Web Template, and then on Attatch Dynamic Web Template. From there I found my Template to attatch onto the Page. Special Offers Page Offers Page: A page where you can check out all of the Latest offers that the Company has made. Feedback Page Feedback Page: A page where you can be able to give your feedback of the website or of the Company. There is no button on the Navigation Bar, for the Feedback page as there is not enough space for another one, but I have added a Button onto the Template, which Links to the Feedback page. The button will be easily accessible because it will be located on every page of the website because it is on the Template which is on every page. I added all of the features of the Form, by clicking on Insert and then on Form before I am able to decide which of the many features that I can select to insert onto the Form. My form had to be well laid out, easy to use and had to work. This is My Finished FeedBack Page I have not included the Template on the actual Feedback Page, as it would take alot of space which can be used by the form. Also it would make the Page load very slow as it would contain many different contents. I have only put the Navigation Bar on the Page, because I want the Navigation System to stay consistent which means that I want each page to have Hyperlinks of all the other pages. After I created the Feedback Page, I had completed creating the Whole Website. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 2 - Websites AO2 P2b / M2b /D2b Name: Candidate Number: Centre Number: ...read more.

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