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Umar Mahmood English coursework In the morning the stadium slowly heats up. The mist rises from the shiny blue chairs. The cold wind runs in and out of the chairs spreading the fresh smell, a man s scurrying around in his bright yellow jacket that stands out like the sun. As the man goes to pick up the litter a gush of wind comes in between making the litter rustle like leaves on a tree. The freshly cut green arromatic grass glows as the ground prepares itself for the battle. ...read more.


As the fans sit down the players come out of the tunnel like a royal train. Fans are screaming and shouting as if they are on a rollercoaster. The players make there way to the battlefield. The managers shake hands before the game kicks of and the referee puts the whistle to his mouth. There is dead silence for one second. Then gradually the fans start to cheer as they see the opposition stand and watch the royals fight there way through their defence and the shot is taken.... ...read more.


The fans cheer for them and are proud of their team. The fans from the opposition stand and look into the eyes of the players, like they are a procession of devils. As the evening flicks itself over to the afternoon the stadium starts to get cold again; the atmosphere is ruined by smell of sweat and litter. The groundsmen come out in their bright yellow jackets and start packing away and as look back they see litter that looks like thousands of birds flying around. Once again the green arromatic grass prepares itself for the upcoming battles. The evening fades away in to the night. All is silent By Umar x ...read more.

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