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ICT package.

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Clear Problem: - Company: Doctors Surgery Relocating: Kingston Needs: To keep all the patients details on a computer data base with appropriate back up system. Real User: Dr Steer Accessibility: This is strictly confident to Dr Steer only Solution: - This is a small but established surgery but has decided to go paperless. We have grown over the years and can no longer rely on our manual papers because they are simply getting too big. The move to new premises means we can set up the ideal ICT package tailor made for our needs. 1. To keep a details of the patients. 2. To enable accurate details on the patient. 3. Easy to access it as well. Objectives: - 1. Create a patient detail list with any long term diseases or medical formalities. 2. I will use access to produce an easy program for the doctor to use. 3. 4. To enable a quick analysis of the total number of hours worked in a week to see for eligibility of a pay rise. ...read more.


This will be printed off using a laser printer and filled in an accounting folder. Back up- Strategy: The accounts will be needed to be backed up every Friday evening. This is to protect the data from being lost due to a power surge. It will be backed up on disk and be stored in a fireproof safe. Design: - Initial Design: I am going to have a sample table to put my data on. I will draw it in rough first (see enclosed) to see if my initial ideas would work. The columns are headed: Employee number First Name Surname Pay Scale Hourly rate Hours Worked Total Pay I quite like this lay out there are a few problems Width of columns Text size User feedback: I asked Mrs Cairns to try out my plan, she felt I should state the formulae that I used in the table and what I thought about the width of the column and the text size. ...read more.


The third one was to see any overtime `worked and pay proportionately. Finally to assess when a bonus or a pay rise would be due by analysing the hours worked. Design Changes: I did not make many changes to my original lay out. Practically it became clear that the size of the columns and the text needed to be adjusted and this was easily done. The sheets are clear, concise and provide the information needed. User Feedback: The main way of seeing if a programme is a success is to use it. I had little feedback, but when I worked on it I feel the layout and the programme was improved. Further Enhancements: Now I can see the hours and rate of pay clearly. I would like to use the system to work out my NIC and tax payments. Then the money paid net to the employees will be worked out. Each worker can then have a mini print out of each weeks showing his/her gross pay, tax, NI contributes and most importantly his/her home pay. ...read more.

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