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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 8150

Ict Powerpoint Coursework

Extracts from this document...


PowerPoint PROJECT [GCSE] By Shuaib Akram IDENTIFY Background Detail Mr. Akram is the founder and owner of S.A. Food. He is a wealthy man and has branches of the fast food chain all over the world; the fast food chains include Burgers, fries, drinks, wraps and many more. The first S.A. Food opened roughly near September 1998. The outlets have been running for nearly 12 years now and have made unbeatable sales, money, and worldwide popularity. The S.A. Food branches are a registered franchise and are mainly located in Europe and North America. They offer cheap and high quality meals at a customer satisfactory and mainly have weekly promotions for higher customer feedback and status. S.A. Foods has come to be known as one of the main fast food franchises in the world which is a big achievement for Mr Akram. The main business offices are located in London, UK where all the invoices are sent, the growth is handled, basically all the business side to S.A. Foods. Mr Akram plans to improve his business as that is what an entrepreneur is all about. Identify the User The users who will be using the upcoming Presentation would be the owner of the franchise; Mr. Akram, the workers of the S.A. Foods company and also anyone including regular customers or people who want to see what S.A. Foods have to offer. The Presentations main purpose would be to reduce material costs like cardboard, paper, photo paper, ink and finally to be more organized and have everything in place incase any down comes occur. The Presentation when finalized would be securely locked so only a couple of people could edit the file. The Presentation would be able to be accessed worldwide as all of the S.A. Food franchises are on a worldwide gross. The Presentation would be easy to edit as a whole as there are new promotional offers arriving weekly etc... ...read more.


Food logo, so if anyone tries to copy or alter anything from the slideshow. The PowerPoint presentation would be shown as an .html file to all of the viewers so that it would be easy and simple for them and an .html file cannot be edited so this is a good security strategy. Only the S.A. Food editors would have the actual PowerPoint slideshow to edit weekly as previously stated. The Proposed System The Presentation I am going to produce will be very appealing to all of the S.A. Food viewers and customers, when the slideshow is finally produced it will include roughly 10 slides. The first slide of the presentation would be a welcome gesture slide; this slide would automatically change to the actual homepage in 5 seconds after shown. The homepage would have hyperlinks on text boxes so when clicked on a piece of text you would be redirected to where the piece of text has originated from in the presentation (more detailed). Most of the slides would be hyperlinked slides and would have a hyperlink home button on every slide which when clicked would redirect you to the home button. There will also be a next and previous slide hyperlinks as this would be easy for the user of the presentation to navigate around the PowerPoint Presentation. The last slide would consist of information on how to contact S.A. Foods, like a business card. Mr Akram would be able to view the PowerPoint and update the PowerPoint as much as he would want. He will also be given some special features which would come in a tutorial which will help him edit the final PowerPoint Presentation to his likings, also he could upload his own personal opinions, his own images etc... Data Flow Pictures of food and drinks would be downloaded via the main source from the internet and by camera for the exclusive offers and food; this is all to be put into the Presentation. ...read more.


5. The background colours should be similar to one another The background colours should be similar to one another in contrast and image colour. The background colours are all similar in vibrancy. 6. There must be contact information on the last slide The last slide in the presentation should include some form of contact information to contact S.A. Foods The last slide is dedicated to contact information. 7. The text on each slide should all be the same colour with each other All of the text describing the main headings of the slides should be of the same colour, font and size. The text is the same colour as the heading on each slide. 8. The title on each page must be clear and visible The title on each page must stand out from the rest of each slide and it must be clear and visible. The titles on all pages are all clear and visible. 9. The hyperlinks should work properly All of the hyperlinks I have set for each button should work and redirect the user of the PowerPoint Presentation to the correct slides the hyperlink is associated with All the hyperlinks work and they have been tested; this can be seen in the implement chapter. 10. The navigation buttons have to be the same size and colour on each size All of the navigation hyperlinks to navigate around the slideshow have to be presented on each slide with the same colour and size as one another. All the navigation buttons are the same size and colour as they have been copied + pasted to each slide. Changes Made to original design There were several changes made to the initial design of the PowerPoint Presentation. One of the main changes I had made was the font style of the text and the font size, previously the font size and text was size 16 and the font was Calibri. I changed this too size 14 and ballon, this was due to the fact that mainly the respondents of the questionnaire did not like the previous font size and format. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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