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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2791


Extracts from this document...


Analysis Introduction: I have been given a task to find out a real end user for my project who is currently having problems with paper. I am brainstorming different types of techniques to improve the efficiency and quality of the paper based problem. I have found an end user for my project; it is one of my teachers in Sir John Cass, Mr Shah who is a key skills ICT teacher. His currently having a paper problem he needs to input details of individual student of their term report, his currently using a pen and a paper to input all the details such as the whole terms attendance, predicted grades etc. The type of software I will be using is Spreadsheet because it is one of the criteria in my project. Spreadsheet is an application used to input data into table graphs. This application will require basic computer (including input devices) and the spreadsheet application with a connected computer per unit. The way in which the spreadsheet will be constructed is a big factor when deciding its effectiveness and speed of input for example I do not want to overcomplicate the system. I will be using well known software called Microsoft Excel, which is ideal for the creation of table's and graphs as stated earlier. I in this case will be easy to use interface. Although the end user is not adept to the use of ICT I will be creating the system for a user with no ICT skills as this in a sense will speed up the input process further. ...read more.


Due to the non existent computer skills of the employees, an introduction into the use of computers is necessary. To accompany the basic skills they will acquire, I will need to develop a user manual which will provide detailed instructions in performing various tasks in the system as well as maintaining it, which is vital to its integrity and reliability. However, Victor has advised me to provide a manual of minimal size and contents in order to avoid confusion and enable the employees to read it swiftly, so they can get on with the job as soon as possible. Source Documents The source document that I have provided is a copy of marks book that Mr Shah uses to record her student marks. As you can see there is a lot of data to be inputted by hand. This is one of the problems that Mr Shah has. The calculations of total mark and overall have to make using calculator, which is time consuming. Objectives of the new system * The new system will perform the following tasks: * It should be able to identify students with poor performance by using a visual alert. * Ability to edit incorrect mark, so whenever Ms Gammon make an accidental mistake, she will have the ability to correct it. * The system should be able to produce average performance percentage of each student for her class. * It should have the ability to Edit and Delete students' details if required, thorough the use of data forms. * Easy and clear to use. * It should automatically calculate percentages and grades from the inputted a student marks and maximum mark available for each test. ...read more.


Corner SE1 9UH 012 7689 3946 I will also use grade boundaries and colour coded: 85% A* Green 75% A Yellow 65% B Blue 55% C Black 45%+ D Pink 35% E Brown 20% F White 19% U Red 0% U Red Test 1 16 Test 2 15 Test 3 13 Other data that I will use is to convert numerical values to percentages. Each test they will take will have minimum and maximum marks. E.g. 3 three test Global Diagram Implementation In order for me to start my project I need to use spreadsheet to start the project, I clicked on Start and the clicked on programs and then clicked on ICT and opened up Microsoft Excel. After clicking on Microsoft Excel, the programmed had opened up, as you can see a screenshot below how the spreadsheet looks like. After opening Excel I started creating my user form, I will show the steps of me creating the form. As you can see above I clicked on Tools and the clicked on macro and opened up Visual basic editor, as you can see below what had come up next on the screen. I then chose to add macro buttons in the user form to perform specific tasks; I clicked on one of the icons to create a macro button. As you can see below the icons I chose was the command button. After adding macro buttons I then chose to add a background picture. I added a picture by clicking on a icon pictured below. As you can see below after choosing a background it had come up on the screen below. This is the main menu when you open the system up. ...read more.

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