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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4155


Extracts from this document...


Sukhjeevan Basra Centre Number - 20603 Candidate ID - 1016 GCSE ICT Database Project Part 1 - Introduction Statement of the problem Mr Gudi is a doctor who runs his own doctors firm. All the records for the patients are kept on manually. Looking for all the notes is time consuming and difficult to look for the notes. Also the notes take up a lot of space. Mr Gudi would like a system, which wouldn't take much space and would make it easier to find the records. Also Mr Gudi finds it hard to add new patients to the system through word processor, as it would take a long time. He would like it to be easier to find patient records; currently he must manually look through the database himself to find records for patients. Consideration of alternative solutions * The manual option is to keep the paper based system that Mr Gudi has at the moment. This leads to taking more time but is not very complicated. * A relational database created in Microsoft Access. This would allow me to create a database with relations between the data in different records. Queries would be simple. Chosen Solution The manual solution is not an option as Mr Gudi is not happy with he's existing manual system. The relational database would make the day to day running of the database far easier compared with a flat-file. I have decided to use Microsoft Access to create a relational database. In Microsoft Access you can run queries and generate reports easily. It is also possible to create a user-friendly Visual interface; this would be very good for Mr Gudi who has Poor Computer skills. User requirements 1 The database must be user friendly, with a user interface including Main Menus and Data Entry Forms. 2 The Database must be able to generate Reports and Mail Merge Documents. ...read more.


and ID 8 Report to show the patients in the database I expect to see a report produced showing all the patients in the database 9 Report to show the patients born before 1980 I expect to see a report produced showing all the patients born before 1980. Part 4 - Implementing List of printouts Design view of Table One Design view of Table Two Design view of Table Three Screen prints of Relationships I have enclosed 1 A printout of search for patients showing data I have entered 2 A printout of patients found showing data I have entered 3 A printout of medical information showing data I have entered 4 A printout of medical information after it has been sorted 5 A printout of one table where a record has been added 6 A printout of one table where a record has been deleted 7 A printout of one table where a record has been updated 8 A printout of the results of my simple query 9 A printout of a complex query to find Last check ups made by patients for 01/02/2006 10 A printout of a Linked query to show all patients visited after 22/01/2006 11 A printout of a report based on general check up on 1st February 12 A print out of a report based on patients born before 1980 13 A printout of a general report of every patient 14 A printout of the form based on search for patients 15 A printout of the form based on patients found 16 A Printout of the form based on medical information Step by step guide To put my data structure on to the pc I used a piece of software called Microsoft Access. I will describe to you step by step how I have done the coursework. Task 1 - Creating the Search for patient's database The first step towards designing the system was to create a table, which contained the patient's data. ...read more.


Describe any problems you had when creating & testing the database When I was creating the database I did come across certain errors. One problem I had was mail merging the letters from the database. I found it hard to find the data and to insert it in to the letter. But came over this problem and I mail merged the letters without a problem after. Another problem I came across when I was creating the database was when I entered the wrong data type for my 'Gender' column, I had choose 'Number' instead of 'Text'. To correct this mistake I had to go back to my design view and change the data type to 'Text'. User Feedback Mr Gudi had sent me a letter talking about the features of the database, I have enclosed the letter: Understanding Feedback I have read and understood the letter that I have received from Dr. Gudi. I agree with Dr. Gudi that I should have inserted another column name 'Phone numbers', which would have listed the entire patient's numbers. Also Mr. Gudi is having troubles understanding the report for 'patients born before 1980', I will have to go back and help Mr. Gudi understand the report. Mr. Gudi has also asked for a new column called 'diseases' this column will show if patients are suffering from any diseases. Part 7 - User Guide First thing we have to do is open up Microsoft Access from the start menu and selecting Microsoft Access: From here this should open up a new window, from this window I select the doctor's database: From this we double click on the Doctors Database and the database should appear: Pages Introduction - 1 and 2 Analysis - 2 and 3 Design - 4 to 11 Implementation - 12 to 64 Testing - 65 to 75 Evaluation - 75 to 78 User Guide - 79 to 81 Sukhjeevan Basra Centre Number - 20603 Candidate Number - 1016 AQA Database Project ?? ?? ?? ?? Sukhjeevan Basra ...read more.

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