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A2 ICT PROJECT PROPOSAL FORM Candidate name: Yanni Kwok Project Title: Kart Racing Centre Registration My users are the owner of the centre and two receptionists Problem Description: Currently the users use paper name card for new customers' registration. The card is used to record all the customers' details. E.g. name, address, Tel no, date of birth, etc and to know if they want any instructor to give them instructions and how much it cost for the membership fees. Fees are charged depending on the type of session booked and extra cost for instructor help. After that a membership card will be issued. Members have to book before they come, because there are only 25 karts available for each session. ...read more.


They can't easily to find out how much the members need to pay. It is difficult to analyse the business. This procedure is also wasting a lot of time. My users need to be able to: * Record who has made the booking or canceling the booking * Use the system easily with little training or PC experience * Work the system with keyboard and mouse My system objectives are: * To record details of all the members and the register date will be recorded. * To produce report to show all members and instructors and total of people come to play. * To find and report all the member need to pay for their membership renewal * To allow search by member ID. ...read more.


* Who record the booking * When the member first register Processing to be carried out is: * Make a queries to look for the record * To calculate the membership fees and cost of every session * To make a report for instructors/ members * To make a form to enter new booking Outputs to be produced are: * Report of a booking record by date, member ID or Instructor ID * Receipt for customers Member table Instructor table Booking Session type table Member ID Instructor ID session no Session type Title Title member ID Cost Surname Surname instructor ID Forename Forename Date Address Tel No Time Tel No No. of session Accessories D.O.B Session type Helmet Sex Suit Register date Shoes Instructor needed Gloves Issued card Anti-Heat Protector Cost of membership fee Neck Protector ...read more.

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