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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2361

ICT project - record system.

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GCSE ICT PROJECT MICROSOFT ACCESS STUDENT MARK RECORED SYSTEM WRITTEN BY SUBHAN ALI IDENTIFY Identify the User There is a geography teacher known as Mrs Knight and she works at Kingswood Primary School. Since she has been there, Mrs Knight has kept a record of all her pupils' marks in a register starting from years 7 up to 11. But the problem is that she cannot gain enough information about them, however, accurate and organised the records are. E.g. if a student receives a mark for his exam in a percentage it would also be helpful if the mark they actually received, was visible on the records, this would allow Mrs Knight to observe if a student is progressing or actually getting on with his/her work. Also she would like to see a particular students grades individually without other students marks being visible e.g. on a parents evening she would like to show the students mark but without having to see any other students marks in the record book. Manual Solution Considered One solution Mrs Knight could use is by manually adding a few more columns to her record book, and work out the pupils average by hand and note them down, she would then be able to make a list of the average grades and keep an individuals grades private from being visible to other students. ...read more.


and class] ASSIGNMENT - Contains information on the assignments set [AssignmentID, Type, Date, Description and MaxMark] STUDENTMARK - Contain information on what marks the students have achieved for each assignment and will consist of [StudentID, AssignmentID, and Mark] Two reports will need to be produced for the database. The first report will be the report for individual grades. To create the individual grades report, a query will run in the system to combine data from all three. This will produce the report. The user will then be able to specify a particular students name and then the query will be used to calculate the percentage grade for each assignment. This query that will need to be produced will be the source of the individual grade reports for each of the students. This report needed to find the average mark for a particular student using the summary function. The second report will print a particular class's grades, for each assignment covered. In order to do this the user will be asked to enter the assignment code and class name. Alternative methods of Output Methods Considered In order to view the reports or print them an on-screen monitor and printer will be required for the system. When Mrs Knight arranges a Parents Evening, she will need to print a report of an individuals grades and the class list of grades for a particular assignment. ...read more.


To do this it will need to include an extra report. Subtasks Identified The implemented final design will need to be broken down to manageable sub-tasks to make it easier to understand. I will need to 1. Create three tables and classify the particular default validations and values. 2. Create relationships between each of the tables. 3. Create the data entry form so that students can be entered into the system. 4. Create the data entry form including the sub form so that assignments and grades can be added. 5. Create the three queries so the user, can specify a particular pupils details such as first name, surname, and class to attain information about them. 6. Create the three reports to display the assignments and grades for each pupil in a certain class. 7. Finally, create the menu, so that the user can access the option they want e.g. assignments and grades on a particular pupil, individual grade reports etc. The menu will also need an exit button, so that you can exit the database. The implementation section, gives evidence to show that the program has actually been created. I may find some errors in the program when implementing it, and any errors discovered will be described into why it has appeared as an error, and then gradually be corrected, to give the perfect result. Test Results The test plsns I created in the design section of the prject, can now be implemented ...read more.

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