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ICT Project - Statement of the Problem

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ICT Project Statement of the Problem Introduction: Black Lady Nightclub is small Nightclub/ restaurant situated in the busy Seven Sisters Road on the junction of Hornsey Road in Kilburn. Ms Grace Elone runs it. The Black Lady Night Club is a small unique entertainment for the general public, however the club is expanding with more customers joining every day. At the beginning the Black Lady Nightclub was small enough Ms Elone to keep the clubs account manually, however it is expanding and Mr Elone would prefer it if she had a system that would handle the company's data flow. As the restaurant is growing so is the number of staff. When it was first opened it only contained about 7 members of staff and so it was relatively easy for Mr Elone to keep a track of the pay role and the staffs time shifts. Members of staff were also asked to double up on jobs. For example staff who took orders also did the cleaning at closing time, and staff who worked in the kitchen would sometimes take orders in where in got busy But within two years of it first opening the club now has a total of 18 members of staff, with some working part-time and others full time. ...read more.


Orders Most orders done and sent of to the suppliers when necessary and do not have a set date on when the next order should be made. When the club is running out of supplies, it is the job of the assistant manager to get in touch with the suppliers a few weeks earlier and make the next order on behalf of the club. Staff Payment Each member of staff gets paid a different wage depending on what their position is in the club. The waiters and waitresses all get paid �5.40 ph, people behind the bar who are required to be able to do tricks for the customers are paid �6.30 ph, the cleaners are all paid �4.10 ph, security are paid �8.50 ph, the manager is paid �18.00 ph and the assistant manager is paid �14.00 ph. Members The Black Lady Nightclub members pay a one of �150.00 for a year, which entitles them 30% on what ever drinks they want and also free entry to the club on Friday nights (which would usually cost them �15) Integration with existing accounts system Each week a report of all the money taken in by the club will be printed. ...read more.


* Calculate the and print out the weekly wages of all the staff working at the club. * Allow easy recordings of customer payments * Provide a summary of weekly payments, which can be used in her new accounts system. * Be able to print out recipes for any new customer after that have paid the �150.00 member fee, which allows them 30% off every drink. Performing Indicators The Following performance indicators will be used: 1. It should take no longer than 60 seconds to enter details of a new member and staff 2. It should only take a few seconds to record for example a change in pay for a member of staff. 3. The system should ensure data integrity so that no data permanent data can be deleted or altered once it has been entered into there system 4. The system should be usable by someone with no experience of using database software. 5. The system must be able to print out receipt for new members whenever they want. 6. The system should cater for any number of staff and members 7. It should only take 30 seconds to send out mail merge to existing members. 8. It must take no londger than 15 seconds to record a New members payments. ...read more.

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