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ICT Report 3B

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Report 3(B) Impact of ICT on an adult in employment, including the effect on working style Introduction I will be investigating Marcus Hamilton, an associate of my uncle, who is in the career of web design. As a web designer, Marcus creates and arranges the pages that make up a website. He often has to balance how a page looks versus how a web page functions, which can involve some compromises. One of his recent acknowledgements is website accessibility; this refers to creating web pages that are accessible to anyone, no matter what device they are using. Website accessibility also stresses the importance of making a website accessible to those with any kind of disability. Marcus works for a website design company called "Perfect Blue", he usually works from home and so his work can sometimes invade his personal life as his employer expects lots more work to be done than in the time span of a normal 9am-5pm job. Internet Description of technology The Internet is the worldwide, freely accessible network of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using the standard Internet Protocol. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of smaller domestic, academic, business, and government networks, which together carry various information and services, such as electronic mail, online chat, file transfer, and the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is a system of interlinked, hypertext documents that runs over the Internet. With a web browser, a user can view Web pages that may contain text, images, and other multimedia and navigates between them using hyperlinks. E-mail allows the user to send and receive messages which may include images, documents or video via a telephone signal. Additionally, web based messengers such as windows live messenger allow the user to communicate with contacts through the internet. Advantages * He can publish anything which he creates online. ...read more.


This makes them unsuitable for action photography or any situation in which you need to shoot quickly. Professional needs and effect on working style Marcus needs to be able to get inspirational snapshots easily when out so that he can quickly find insight for a new website design. These photos need to be easily transferrable to his pc where he can edit and optimize them to fit the pictures' purpose. Marcus uses his digital camera to take photos of the things which he thinks that he would find useful for his work. He can easily transfer the picture files onto his computer via the USB cable provided with the camera. Marcus' possession of a digital camera has greatly affected his working style. This is because even when he is enjoying his personal/social life away from home he must always involuntarily carry his digital camera to find and store new ideas for websites as if his ideas become derivative, Perfect Blue's customers may not be satisfied, possibly rendering him unemployed. Marcus' digital camera is very good at meeting his professional needs; however, unwanted associating effects of the device have caused him to lose freedom in his personal/social life as he is obligated to work all the time. The main weakness in this technology is that when Marcus wants to take still, high quality photos continuously he cannot do so due to the processing time of each picture. Therefore, his digital camera would be a lot better if there was a shorter or ultimately no processing time for images. Personal In his personal life, Marcus needs to be able to record his personal memories such as: birthday parties or other celebrations or anything which he would like not to forget about for the rest of his life. He also needs to record priceless moments on video such as his daughter's first steps. Marcus uses his digital camera to take still photos or video of events which he deems worthy to remember, he can easily store these on the camera's memory unit or can also transfer them to his pc. ...read more.


When Marcus finds gaming applications to demanding and/or is too weary play challenging games, he needs to be able to listen to some of his calming music or perhaps watch a calming movie. With the help of Windows Media Player, Marcus can listen to any one track of his music collection or watch a DVD movie without difficulty and at any time. Application software is quite good at meeting Marcus' personal needs. He is able to chill out whenever he desires with a few options of how he does it, he can play games, watch videos or listen to music. However, his favourite classical music which he possesses in records cannot be played and so he sometimes resorts to using his record player for playing his oldies. He could however, find his beloved songs in a digital audio format but it may be too much work when he just wants to lie down and rest. Social Marcus needs to be able to compile, edit and burn videos or music to CDs/DVDs when friends visit to provide some form of entertainment. To do this Marcus Windows Movie Maker, adding humorous sounds and videos to a compilation. Then he uses Nero Burning Rom to burn the compiled videos or music to a DVD or CD which he can transfer and load easily. Even though it is not its clear purpose, application software does quite well in meeting Marcus' needs for socialising. He often brings his media created by Nero Burning Rom to gatherings of friends. However, since application software cannot be used directly without a computer, it does not do much else to meet his needs. In conclusion, I have come to believe that ICT has drastically changed how adults conduct themselves in their personal, social and professional lives and that without the methods created by ICT they would be clueless as to how they would do what they do today without the aid of ICT. ICT has been a huge impact on working style. ...read more.

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