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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1195

ICT Serving Organisations

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Unit 2- ICT Serving Organisations Information and its uses Databases A database is a collection of data about something or someone (people). What can they do? * Search through data (query) * Do calculations on data * Allow data to be entered through forms * Allow the creation of reports which is a summary of the data Examples of databases Bank, Doctors, Work, Online Shop, Library, Registry Office, DVLA, Video Library, Criminal Record, Football Club, Ebay, Stock Exchange, Census. Within a company, there may be a number of databases. For example, in TESCO, you may find databases on: * Staff * Club Cards * Suppliers * On-line Shoppers * Products * Purchase orders Centralised Databases systems It is best to have a centralised database system rather than lots of little separate ones, as there will be less duplication of the data that can lead to mistakes. It is also much more efficient and effective as the whole database can be searched or queried at one time. E.g. purchase orders do not need to access a separate database to get the supplier details to accompany the order. ...read more.


* OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) e.g. lottery tickets * Sim card connector- E.g. credit cards and simcards * Optical Ink Character Recognition (OICR), reads the codes at the bottom of cheques. * Scanners * Touch screen * EDI - Electronic Data Interchange (data may be transferred to another system automatically sent to suppliers) Processing and Outputs A worked example for Safeway: Purchasing a product Barcode of product bought is read The number of that item in stock will be reduced by the number bought. The price of the item will be added to the customer bill The detail of the product will be added to the customer reciept The reciept total is calculated (once all items have been read by barcode reader) Lottery Ticket Capture- Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Processing- The number chosen, the date, the terminal number are sent to server Output- Lottery ticket printed with information Ster Centruy Cinema Capture- Touch screen Processing- Seat number Output- Ticket The Intranet The Intranet works on a similar principle to the internet but is for internal use within a company or organisation, therefore is not accessible to the general public. ...read more.


Identify different ways (using screenshots) of how companies use the internet as a marketing tool. * Banners * Pop-ups * Website as a marketing tool e.g. Porsche * E-mail (SPAM) * Sponsored hmv 1. Search for product 2. Add to basket 3. Repeat process 4. Enter payment options 5. Confirmation 6. Thank you note For each of the following departments identify documentation that they produce, paste this into a power point presentation and be prepared to present this to the class, explaining what it is and it's purpose. The departments are: * Accounting and finance * Human resources - Application Forms - Wage Slips - P60 (tax summary) * Marketing * Purchasing department * IT department * Warehouse/ Despatch (R&D) * Sales * Production Information Flow Diagrams Information flow diagrams are used for showing how information and documentation moves between internal and external functions. Internal functions are within the organisation, such as purchasing , sales and marketing, human resources. External functions are outside of the organisations direct control and include, suppliers and customers. Example: Information flow diagram for a purchasing department and supplier Task: draw and information flow diagram for what would happen when a customer buys a can or beans from Tesco. An information flow diagram for M&H plastics buying stationary from Staples. ...read more.

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