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ICT - software review

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Sofware Review. Sub-system name: Logo for Kingsbury Health Centre Job that needs doing: Research, Design, Creating Logos, Selecting the best one/most popular, finding out ways to improve it. Type of software application needed: One that will allow me to shape, create and edit the logo easily and efficiently. Software Application I will Use: Macromedia Fireworks. Explain why you have chosen this software: I have chosen this software because it has many tools with which I can experiment to create the logo. Characteristics (features) of this software package What can it do? o Fireworks can be used to create interestingly shaped/coloured/textured text. o Produce shapes with different lines (bold, thin, jagged, etc.) o Using Fireworks, you can also add special features to work made on it-such as luminescent glows, drop shadows, outer bevels, inner bevels, halos and opacity. ...read more.


Characteristics of this software package: o Photoshop Filters for adding special visual effects. o Reference Library allows you to save some of your key test images and related text files into a folder. o Images/letters can share layers or have a layer of their own. o Blur Of Choice- as you can see in the image you have more of an option of simple blur or no blur: There are different types of blurs to choose from. Advantages: * There is a huge option of filters to play around with which you can then apply to work e.g. distort, skew, sharpen, sketch, blur an others. * Photoshop supports plug-ins which allows you to use filters from other software developers Things which are commonly added are: The Flux Collection, Visual Manipulation, Alien Skin etc. ...read more.


o Has an airbrush which allows you to give a spray affect to your work. o Has a paintbrush with different thicknesses of appliance. o Easy to add Text. Most of the Characteristics (above) are also advantages. Advantages: * Fill Tool makes it easier to have something in one colour. * Easy to add Text. * Airbrush has three different thicknesses of appliance and can be used in different colours. * Magnifier to zoom in and change flaws. * Eraser of different sizes. * Freeform tool allows you to select a random object with a box of your own size. Disadvantages: * Very, Very basic use of colours, text, line, shape. (pretty much everything) * Not a lot of colours to choose from. (including custom colours. * Cannot import pictures into it. * Cannot have gradients of colours. * Does not have many special visual effects at all. It stretches to: ?? ?? ?? ?? Ami Udeshi- 10WE ...read more.

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