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Ict Software

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DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A COMPTERISED AND MANUAL SYSTEM:- * Computers take up less space, filing cabinets are not needed. * Searching for records is quicker on the computer. * More than one person can access data at the same time from the network pc. * The data stays within comp memory won't get misfiled or lost. * Fewer staff are needed to look after the computer system * Reports can be generated very quickly- by an automated processing routine rather than manually. * Cabinets take up lot of space. * Searching for records takes long time. * Setting up a computer system is very expensive. Big systems in large organisation cost millions. * Computers need people to maintain and use them. * Training costs are high and money is wasted if a person leaves. * Computers are not perfect, if there is a system failure or power cut then important data could get corrupted or lost. * It can be easy to copy files and so remove confidential information of the system. The system has to be kept secure from unauthorised user's and hackers. * Need to employ clerical staff to look after filing system. ...read more.


I have modified my way of thinking in how to use the computers, and how to make life easier by using the software's Microsoft Word and Microsoft access to facilitate the needs of the health centre. My view has changed in how to create tables, write letters, note down appointments etc. This is by using Microsoft word and Access. I have learnt that training is needed to use the computers, nurses, receptionists, administrators, doctors and this may require a huge amount of money to be spent. Also that the computer allows a person to do more than one thing. On Microsoft Access I have learnt how to create a relational database by linking two databases together. In addition I know how to create queries, forms, reports and macro. Also how to filter data and sort it using A-Z. I am familiar with the layout of a database and the varieties of data types and how and which data type to enter with different words. I understand how to insert and delete rows/columns/fields etc. On Microsoft word I have learnt how to type data and make it more presentable and neater. ...read more.


I will use the features available on each software (Microsoft word/Microsoft access). For example: Queries, forms, relationships, macro, reports etc on Microsoft Access . On Microsoft Word I would use features such as: screenshots, validation and verification rules (to check for mistakes) and data type. I would use these two software's to establish professional-looking data. CRITICISING AND APPRAISING MY SYSTEM. I will progress in the future with my system and the way forward for me is to advertise my system using my design. By using my design which is the logo, slogan to advertise the public will become aware of my system. They will prefer this new system of handling data and more people will join the surgery. The advantages of advertising are: * Televisions show and tell, there is selectivity and penetration. * Radios have selectivity, flexibility and they are inexpensive. * On computer advertisements you can create banner ads, rich media, emails, newsletters, sponsorships and company web sites. * Newspapers they have editorial support. * It is interactive and inexpensive. The disadvantages of advertising are: * A television is expensive, perishable, creates clutter. * There is fleeting, clutter, no visual effect, and no background media. * No universal access, unknown audience. ...read more.

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