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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2733

ICT Solutions.

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Last month I invited some friends over and cooked a meal for them. They really enjoyed it and were amazed that I could cook. They said the food was good and I told them that I like to add ingredients and change the recipes using food that I like. They enjoyed the evening so much that they all wanted the recipe for themselves so they could cook it. I wasn't prepared to write up loads of copies by hand during the evening. To write out all of my favourite recipes would take me ages. My friends got together and asked me if I would write a recipe book using a PC, for them and print off several copies. So instead of me writing it out for each of them I agreed to make a recipe book for them to create the meals themselves. Alternative Solution I could have done recipe cards by hand or had them printed in a print shop. I considered this option as I have seen them in some supermarkets. This would have cost me quite a bit and take quite a lot of time so it didn't seem such a good option. Manual Solution I could have written all the recipes out by hand, but this would take too long and wouldn't look as professional as a word processed recipe book and I wouldn't have been able to show a picture of the meal. Also my friends would lose the scraps of paper eventually. ICT Solutions I am using ICT because it gives it a professional finish. ...read more.


Output My final output will be: * an A4 cookbook with pictures of each meal after they have been cooked. * A contents page so they can find the meal they want to cook easily. * An introduction so they know a bit about me and my life with cooking and food. * A conversion chart so they know the equivalents in temperatures and weights and an order form so other people can order the book from me if they like the look of it. Although I have decided to produce a book to give out to people on reconsideration it would be a good idea to put the recipes on the internet as this would reach a wider audience. I realise while my mum was talking with some friends that although people still like to entertain, it is very time consuming looking up recipes and set meals, and if they had a web site to visit with recipes already there, this could save them a lot of valuable time. Backup To backup my work I could use a CD-RW for my user to view and look through before I print out my cookbook. I will probably save it onto a floppy disc which is easy to store in a disc holder. Security I have to use a password to get onto my project so my private recipe collection is secure from other students who may try to use my ideas. For designing the recipe layout: Step 1: I will put in a header as my name. ...read more.


* The user wanted a conversion chart for metric and imperial- I managed to find the metric equivalents in a cookbook and I decided to lay it out in a table, which made it look more professional. * The user wanted another conversion chart for temperatures- I also found the table of temperature for different cookers in another book, this was harder to find and had to go to a library for this. * The user wanted to know how long it took to prepare and cook- I timed how long it took me to prepare the meal and how long it took to cook as well for each meal, so the user could see if they had enough time to prepare and cook it. * The user wanted a picture of the finished meal- For all of the recipes I managed to get a picture of the meal from digital camera. I found easy to do as I have had practice doing it before. The pictures came out very clear and would shoe the user hoe to lay the meal out. * The user wanted a introduction- I decided to do a introduction so that the user would know a bit about myself. * The user wanted a order form- I did and order form so that if any of my friends showed it to their friends and they wanted a copy for themselves, they could just fill out and hand it back. I recorded this as a macro to save me time and also to make sure the order forms were all the same without any errors. Liz Newman 1 ...read more.

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