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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3490

ICT & Special Needs This essay focuses on the way that Mr Glassey uses ICT to overcome being blind.

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The Impact of ICT on A Person with Special Needs Introduction This essay focuses on the way that Mr Glassey uses ICT to overcome being blind. Mr Glassy has been blind all his life but hasn't let this hold him back. Over time he has developed coping methods to overcome the difficulties caused by being blind in a sight dominated society. The use of ICT has increased his freedom and flexibility. Mr Glassey owns and runs a "virtual office" for new and small companies. His job involves taking calls for other companies; for example a new delivery business would only employ one person, the driver of the van, and it would not be feasible to staff and maintain an office to take calls. The new and small companies divert their calls to Mr Glassey's "virtual office" service, where he takes calls on behalf of his clients. He needs equipment that allows him to answer the phone, understand written text, make and receive calls in and out of work and even equipment for the simple things like knowing whether it is light or dark and telling what is in front when walking. Work at Work - PC Technology How it works The Braille In Keyboard is a Braille keyboard where characters are entered using the chord typing system. The Braille In Keyboard connects to a standard keyboard port, like standard QWERTY keyboards. The device has the users' national Braille code pre-installed on its' internal flash-ROM; to change the Braille code the user can connect the device to a serial port, download the desired Braille code from the HumanWare website and install the new language to the internal flash-ROM. The Braille In Keyboard is a stand-alone device meaning it requires no resident software to function with a computer; this allows it to be a highly versatile device working flawlessly with DOS, Windows, NT, OS/2 and UNIX operating systems. ...read more.


If a computer does not have Bluetooth capability a USB connection can be made between a personal computer and BrailleNote PK for ActiveSync. The BrailleNote PK is WiFi compatible and can be used for high speed surfing over wireless network at wireless hotspots or over a secure wireless networks when a wireless card is inserted. HumanWare (the creators of the BrailleNote PK) supplies their own internet browser based on Microsofts' Internet Explorer (version six) named KeyWeb with the BrailleNote PK. KeyWeb is customized to meet the needs of the blind; taking visually orientated web pages and translating it into a user-friendly speech and Braille format. Whilst working the user has the option to use the Enhanced KeySoft media player to listen to music, in stereo; separate speech synthesis and music volume controls allow the user to set the balance between the two. The BrailleNote PK has an eighteen cell Braille display that displays text, for reading web pages, reading a document or reading messages; thumb navigation can be set by line, sentence or paragraph. The device uses the chord system for typing, eight keys pressed in different combinations to create letters and symbols in other words, grade 2 Braille. The BrailleNote PK uses state-of-art speech synthesis software making it easier to use the device. The device has specially designed context sensitive help and indexed user guides. Operating in speech mode only, the BrailleNote PK can run for 20 hours on its batteries. This PDA word processing application that creates, edits and stores documents in Braille or in a range of mainstream formats, for example, Microsoft Word; the application also supports direct printing through a serial port and can convert Braille to text or vice versa. Other applications on this device include a POP3 E-mail service, Daily Planner, Address List, Book Reader (for reading e-books), scientific calculator and the option for a visual display. How does he use it? ...read more.


Some steps that an employer might have to take; wires and cables can not run over the floor, his chair would not roll, dangerous equipment would have a sound alert on it and flooring would be non-slip and rounded edge furniture. Mr Glassey also has the right to sue his employer if they don't make sensible provision for his disability. To abide by the law Mr Glassey must follow and use the guide lines, safety measures, special equipment and training that his employer provides; if he does not do this protection the act offers against injury at work will be void. Mr Glassey must also follow the rules set out in the act, for example placing objects/furniture in places that meets regulations and making sure that his working environment is safe for him and others. Health and Safety Regulations Act (1992) These regulations are designed to protect employees in the work place, giving them rights to compensation when the laws protecting them are broken. This act ensures employers create safe computer work stations for their employees. Mr Glassey's job involves working at a computer for a whole working day; this act insures that his employer will provide him with safe and functional computing equipment to fulfil his is job description. Mr Glassey's knows that his work station will have the correct equipment and if it should not meet the minimum requirements of the act and Mr Glassey should be injured at a work station covered by the act he can take legal action. The act protects Mr Glassey from negligent and irresponsible employers, poorly maintained work stations and injury caused by awkward working conditions. To abide by the law Mr Glassey must follow the guidelines laid down by his employer; if the guidelines meet all the requirements of the act and Mr Glassey chooses not to follow and he is injured he can not take legal action. If Mr Glassey employed someone he would also have to create safe working environments for his staff to abide by the law. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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