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ICT Specification for a spreadsheet for the Hairdressing business.

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´╗┐ICT Task 2 - Mrs Muman Evaluation My specification Points The specification points are very useful because they are like a shopping list and help us to make sure we follow a list of requirements that are important in order for us to ensure that the system that we will create will be able to do certain things in the list below. To have a list of specification points so that when it comes to planning and creating the spreadsheet it will be much easier for us. The list below is extra support and a helpful list to guiding me when I create the spreadsheet for the Hairdressing business. 1. Allows creating a booking system for example an easy way to organise all the clients in a useful way for example in alphabetical order. The booking system is able to store and organise the clients details in alphabetical order this can be done by left clicking ascending order. 1. The system should be allowed to create queries such as multiple criteria or simple search criteria search. ...read more.


Records on the table are able to be stored deleted and kept up to date on the recent data. 1. Include a menu page for the system to make it easy to navigate from page to page and this should help get us easily from page top page. My system has a menu page in order to help to ease the use of navigation 1. Include a primary key to give clients in the system a unique number so it will be easy to find him or her with reference to that specific unique number that is supplied to them in the system. The primary key has been put on the booking ID field because this is recognised to be the key field. 1. To have a back up strategy in case the system is hacked into or is lost or damaged so the back up program is a USB or a CD containing the program/system on it and their details. ...read more.


The new database system can now carry out some new and amazing functions it can now make the spreadsheet function well. For the database I have made macros/ navigation buttons to help make moving from one table to another much more simpler and easier. The Database will help me to store my information and store the data precisely in ascending order. There have not been many problems that have occurred from the database that I have created because the database that?s been created has hardly and errors and is functioning well it seems to be making good progress. The database has been made with the purpose to help to make sure that the new Hair Salon will be able to function properly. The two tables that I have created will help me to quickly find out which appointments have been appointed for which person and which person and the customer details have been sorted to keep them safe and in a more reliable way. This also makes it easier to view the information for each customer. Samia Ahmed 11T/GA ...read more.

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