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Analyse Hardware I will need a lot of hardware to create my spreadsheet. The main hardware the system will require are the essentials: the hard drive where the work will be saved and the monitor itself, where the output will be displayed in order to see what is happening. Also a keyboard will be needed to input data and a mouse for selecting data and dragging or merging cells. Finally I will need a basic processor which can do calculations in excel. Software The software I will use is Microsoft Excel (2007). This is the best known package and would be really good because I know how to use it well and suited to Mr. Geller's purpose rather than software lotus 1-2-3. In addition to this my end user Mr. Geller can also use it as it is very user-friendly and not as complicated as lotus 1-2-3 for instance formulas on Ms Excel can be done automatically while Lotus 1-2-3 needs to be done manually. ...read more.


Geller, he will also add any new test results straight into the spreadsheet and the spreadsheet will calculate the average and the graphs will be changed. The data will be in the form of numbers and letters. Data flow Mr. Geller will have to add new data and change the average for test results and student improvements. The new information will be added along with the new one this will involve the change in average and students improvements. Macros The macros that will be included in the spreadsheet will be used in the home page and every other page. The macros in the homepage will take me directly to the page that I want to go to by a press of a button and on every other page there is a macro that if pressed will take you back to the home page. This will be extremely useful as it saves a lot of time and is very easy to use. ...read more.


Back up The computer file containing the system must be backed up by a DVD and a USB. There should be two copies just in case one copy will be destroyed there will be a backup and the two copies should be stored away from each other. Any time the system changes it should be saved as a back up on the two USB's. Security There should be some form of security for the system so a password will be put on the system for added safety measures. This will prevent people from changing the system and corrupting some files. If anyone other than the end user wishes to change a formulae or change a worksheet a password will be asked for. The password should be reasonably long to be on the safe side, the password should be at least 5-10 letters and should not be a common name or a password easy to guess such as Geller etc. However it is crucial that My end user remembers this password or does not lose it because it could be potentially corrupted if in the wrong hands. ...read more.

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