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GCSE: ICT Systems and Application

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Planning- design a memo, letter and webpage for Capital FM.

    4 star(s)

    I have been called into help advertise the company and help fix some of their ICT solutions. In order to do this, I will construct a memo to help the company run smoother. Last week we received a new sum of money that was raised in a raffle we organised. With that money we will be employing an additional presenter. I will be drafting a letter to all possible candidates for an interview. I will also make a homepage that links both of these documents. The company is a local radio station providing the listeners with local news and updates and also entertainment and music.

    • Word count: 2615
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Social Impacts and Threats of IT

    Nowadays most young people in the U.K spend a large quantity of their time on the computer. It is thought that on average a normal teenager spends around 31 hours a week on the computer alone and a mind-blowing nine of these hours are on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. Although for many of our Grandparents and even our Parents this was very different! Nowadays young people are constantly being nagged by Grandparents and Parents about spending too much time indoors and not enough outdoors. We are told that we spend far too much of our time inside (playing computer games or watching television)

    • Word count: 2027
  3. Creating a logo, template letter and a website for a travel agent.

    Research I have looked at two different websites, Expedia and Thomas Cook. I have commented on both of these travel agencies. Even though their both completely different sites, it is still kind of similar. Website one: Thomas Cook Comment: I have looked at this website and it is great in the way it's laid out and the way it's structured. The most flashing thing is their logo which can easily be seen as soon as you go to the website. The logo is located at the top of the webpage. The picture is like a ball which represents the globe, it has got a bit yellow color which represents the sun and has got a bit blue which represents the sea.

    • Word count: 2357
  4. Free essay
  5. IT Project Evaluation. The design part of my wages system, data capture form, letterhead and logo worked exceptionally well. I had no real issues and it all appears to function correctly.

    The Output is the useful information, in this case n interactive slideshow.. Page Input Data Home Page Logo, Explanation and introduction of site, Links to other pages. Credits Page 1 Logo, text information on global warming, links to other slides and pages Page 2 Logo, information on where to recycle, links to other slides and pages, picture of a recycling plant Page 3 Logo, text information on the benefits of recycling, Links to other slides and pages, picture of a plastic bottle Form Logo, form, files for name, address, contact no, company email address, link to company website.

    • Word count: 2003
  6. Producing a database and standard letters - difference between computerised and manual systems

    Also the customers will like the company now because there is less chance of the company making errors because now in their database they have validation and verification. The system will benefit the customers in the future because they would have improved and they will also know how to us the system properly so when the customers will want their ticket then company will give it to them without any errors since the database has a lot of ruling such as validation and verification.

    • Word count: 2395
  7. Computer Systems Assignment 2

    Windows is, in my opinion, easier to use, although it can be very slow to load, depending on your Computer. Windows can help you to do near enough anything, although you may need a computer dictionary or look on the internet for how to use Windows. There are several ease of use features, such as Spellcheck, undo and redo, cut, paste and copy and in Windows 7, there are snap features, such as you are able to split the screen and move it to the left or right or move it to the top to maximise it, shake it to get rid of all Windows apart from that one.

    • Word count: 2599
  8. Ict and an Adult in Education

    He produces of information on students for staff to use which will help in teaching and learning. He has achieved the Electronic registration system for the whole school within 12 months for people to use and view. He performs general backup for staff using RM software, he also performs General Network Administration which is adding new pupils and staff users. He gives advice on purchasing new equipment for the whole school and departments. He selects, purchases and setup's laptops for teachers using E-Learning.

    • Word count: 2205
  9. Features of a sports club database. The system has at least 1 table and 12 fields, meeting the requirement that had been set. There are also 3 other reports in this system related to the Injuries and unavailability Match Report and Player

    Hyperlinks to switch between the Form View and the list View 14. & 16. Scripts to go to the next/previous record 17. A script to create a new record in the 'Injury and Unavailability' 18. The Field, 'Name' is a text field that also has validation to prevent the same name being entered into a new record. This table store all the records of players in the 1st XI and 2nd. The user can enter information (such as their personal detail) about the player into associated field. For example the user could create a new record and enter information such as the name or age into the textbox (see evidence A1)

    • Word count: 2289
  10. Designing a database for a supermarket. The current main problem is that the manager or the employees arent getting to know when the food is going stale or is running out of date. Im being asked to create or to find some kind of solution to solve th

    I told the manager about the problem they asked me for help. 1,3 The real User- The manager is the in charge of dealing with these type of problems. Although in this case Mr.Angel, the manager is not able to find the solution to this problem. In this case I have decided to help him and to provide a better service to the customer. 1,4 The current problem and inefficient- The current main problem is that the manager or the employees aren't getting to know when the food is going stale or is running out of date.

    • Word count: 2163
  11. Security of ICT systems

    In the second part, describe what a school/company needs to do to meet the current legislation and protect their data and ICT system. For this you need to list the current laws (short summary) and explain how to conform to them in the school context. Computer Misuse Act (1990) The Computer Misuse Act became law in August 1990. Under the Act hacking and the introduction of viruses are criminal offences. Universities and colleges need to co-operate to take action under the Act as the offences are likely to be committed by members of universities and colleges, students in particular, and are often perpetrated on machines or networks within the sector.

    • Word count: 2751
  12. Designing an IT system for an A level Student.

    He likes photography, a digital camera and Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended will assist him in editing his photos. ULead Video Studio 11 Plus is needed so that he can create home movies, upload the videos, then edit the videos he has made with transitions and effects and background music to his videos. His college uses Office 2007 and Office Professional 2007 is the best one so an installation CD is needed. A01 Task 2 Hardware Requirements Description Why component is required All-in-One Printer The printer aspect is used for producing a hard copy, like human-readable text or graphics, of electronic data on the computer.

    • Word count: 2380
  13. Analysis of an ICT system for a medical clinic.

    Consequently, the client would like a system implemented in which customer's identities can be verified to a better standard. In the past there have been legal problems concerning the giving of medicine to people who have forgotten their prescriptions. Much as alcohol cannot be supplied to people below a certain age, the pharmacy is legally bound to not give prescriptions to patients without the proof of a doctor's consent. As some patients are known to lose or forget their receipt and can create a dilemma and often means that they have to go without their drugs unless they visit the medical clinic again.

    • Word count: 2458
  14. Me Myself and ICT

    I use Norton Internet Security, which protects my computer and meets my need to be safe online. The computer meets my needs as it allows me to do research on the internet so that I can better understand what I am learning at school. I also use my computer and internet connection to talk to my friends on MSN, this meets my needs by allowing me to arrange my social life as I can chat whilst I am on the internet and not have to use my phone or have to walk to their house to find out what they are doing.

    • Word count: 2067
  15. Ict Unit 2b

    It helps staff at Whipps Cross navigate through the computer system affectively. > Tannoy system/ message boards; A Tannoy System is used in many parts of Whipps Cross Hospital, it consists of speakers and microphones, so it makes it easier to commentate in different departments e.g. if there is an emergency and you need a certain doctor in a certain department eminently than they use the Tannoy system to commentate in the different departments by speaking in the microphones which then passes on the waves to the speakers which are placed in certain places in the Whipps Cross Hospital or If there is any information that any doctors or even patients need to hear or know about, then all the information can be delivered to them using the Tannoy System.

    • Word count: 2249
  16. Report 3A Impact of ICT on the way Students do things at home and at college/school

    * The actual USB/MP3 drive is very compact and small, which allows greater practical use. * The casings of USB drives are very tough and MP3 players usually don't contain internal moving parts, which allows for shock-proof action. * The USB/MP3 drive can easily be disconnected/moved between devices. This makes it easy to switch between different adaptors. * Many computers, laptops and lots of other electronic devices are compatible with the USB software. The disadvantages of using a USB/MP3 drive are: * It's small so it can easily get lost or stolen maybe in a crowded area.

    • Word count: 2456
  17. Using ICT to help a man to sell his business.

    I would prefer an A4 with one fold. What colours would you like? Red, blue, silver, black and any other colours. Just make it look good Would you like a border? Yes in silver please. Possible Solutions I can draw the pictures and colour it in myself. I will use pencil and colour pencil to do the pictures. I could also cut out pictures from the newspaper or magazines. I will handwrite the text myself. I could use a photocopy machine to get more copies of leaflet. ICT methods Microsoft word There are many features including being able to change different font styles, sizes, word art, spell check, colour, background.

    • Word count: 2090
  18. ICT AQA C2 System Specifications

    The program is called "Star Office". This is available for free from a website: www.sun.com, where you can download the program for free. The program can be linked with Microsoft Office, as there is a word processor (Microsoft Word), spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel), presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint), E-Mail Client (Microsoft Outlook) and Databases (Microsoft Access). The system specifications of "Star Office" are: * 320Mb of Hard Drive Space * 128Mb of RAM * Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/Professional/Media Center Edition 2005 with Service Pack 2 * For Download from the Internet - Broadband Connection * For Installation by Disc - DVD Disc

    • Word count: 2818
  19. Testing for ICT A Coursework 2a

    TEST 4 This is another multi table query or relational query which again shows me using two tables to get certain information. I have use the sales and employees table to link how many sales one employee makes. This screenshot shows the results of the query and there a lot of fields with a lot of data due to the large amount of fields that were chosen. TEST 5 This is my second last normal query and it is based on my sales table which shows me testing the query by searching for information such as the name of game and the quanitity sold which would have a certain value.

    • Word count: 2472
  20. coursework ICT

    The possible way to check spelling without IT will be by asking my teacher or my friends. Utilizing spell-checker to make sure your spelling is correct it is the fastest way to confirm spelling than other ways. searching I utilized search engine to find some relevant information for my project To achieve this without IT I might go to the local library to find a guide book or fix my eyes on at travel magazine in order to get information Sometimes it is good to look up information on guide book because almost information is in there.

    • Word count: 2138

    They also use Computers to type letters which need to be send to patients. Computers are also used to check at what time what person is coming or change timings. To do all of this work they use special orthodontics software named DO IT which provides them with all the templates as well as information or timings regarding the treatment. It also provides them with information about what are the problems or any other information regarding the teeth's. This software is able to send information in and out from the NHS to the Orthodontic specialist and the other way around.

    • Word count: 2557
  22. OCR Nationals Unit 21 - Task 8

    The most common colour that I will use will be White because it will always likely be on a coloured background as this is neccesary so that users would be able to see the text clearer. The size is 18. First I open up Flash and once it opens I click on Advertising underneath Create From Template. And then a window comes up with a list of templates to chose from. I clicked on 160 X 600 skyscraper as it will be a vertical banner that I am creating as I planned.

    • Word count: 2632

    * Latest Flash Player; in order to view animations. * Macromedia Flash in order to create animations Data Collection, Data Capture, Input Processing and Output Slide number/title Data Data Source User Inputs Designer Inputs 1 Main Menu BMW Logo; 9 buttons to other Slides: 1 Series Hatchback, 3 Series Saloon, 3 Series Coupe, 5 Series Saloon, M6 Coupe, M3 Coupe, M3 Saloon. Text box with BMW written within it. Picture from BMW in the header slot. BMW Logo from www.bmw.com Picture from; www.bmw.com Information on company history from old system.

    • Word count: 2380
  24. Access Database

    And I couldn't use Microsoft Excel because the librarian doesn't have that software so I used Microsoft Access. Software: The database managing system is Microsoft Access and the desktop publishing is Microsoft Word in this very project. Hardware: In this project, I will use a Windows Based PC because all computers in School support them, I will also use a Printer to print out all evidence and paper work. I will also use a memory stick as a backup for my project so if it is lost I always have my memory stick.

    • Word count: 2112

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