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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3560

Travel Agent Database - Effects of New System The new system will affect the travel agency, employees and even customers.

Extracts from this document...


Evaluation There are many situations in which ICT can be used in a single context, although it is much more of fuse when storing and manipulating large amounts of data. The police, for example, or a big, company might be improved by the use of ICT. This is because it allows information to be arranged, sorted and displayed in a clear cut and simple way.Ict can be very handy for companies like 'Type a Flight'. It provides a more professional way of handling data and makes it extremely easy to access it. The use of ICT has made things easier, by the completion of tasks in a short period of time. Travel agencies also use ICT, although there are many other alternatives to it. During the 20th century typewriter were very common. Most of the big companies used it. Travel agencies could have used it to write letters to its customers. In the 20th century typewriters had great demand as it was the only instrument to make things look a bit good and it was mainly used by professional typists. After the document had been typed and printed out, it had to be kept in large filing cabinets. By the 1980s, computers with word processor were becoming more common. People were stating to look at computers as more stylish and professional. This is why the typewriters were being replaced by computers. The big companies started to buy computers for their businesses, so that they can type in data in an easier way and store it safely. This is why travel agencies in the day and age use computers instead of typewriters. It is more It is more professional, concise and can be used to store data safely instead of filling drawers of papers. However, some small companies in the world today still use typewriters. There are obviously many differences between ICT and other manual methods. ...read more.


Saving 1. Click on File. 2. Click on save or save as. 3. Type in the name you want the file to be named as. 4. Select where you want the file to be saved. 5. Click on save. Printing 1. Click on File. 2. Click on Print. 3. Alter the settings if needed. 4. Click on OK Open Access 1. Click on Start. 2. Click on All Programs. 3. Click on Microsoft Office. 4. Click on Microsoft Access. Create table 1. Open Microsoft Access. 2. Click on the 'Table' tab. 3. Click on 'Create table in design view'. 4. Enter the fields that are going to be in the database. 5. Then select the data type and enter description. 6. To save, click on the disk at the top. 7. A box will come up saying to enter the table. After entering, click on OK. 8. You will then be asked to create a primary key if you wanted one. 9. Click on the 'Table' tab. Then click on the table that you have created. 10. Thereafter enter the data in the table. Using Formats (in Dates) 1. Open Microsoft Access. 2. Click on the 'Table' tab. 3. Then right click the table you have created. A menu will come up. So click on 'Design View'. 4. Then click on something that has got to do with dates. For example, Date of birth. 5. At the bottom there is a separate box. In that there is a part called input mask. 6. In the input mask enter 00/00/0000;0;; Using input mask (post code etc.) 1. Open Microsoft Access. 2. Click on the 'Table' tab. 3. Then right click the table you have created. A menu will come up. So click on 'Design View'. 4. Then click on postcode. 5. At the bottom, there is a separate box. In that there is a part called input mask. ...read more.


Successful None Adding details Open Microsoft Access. Click on the 'Tables' tab. Click on information. Enter data into appropriate field. Successful None Saving Click on File. Click on save or save as. Type in the name you want the file to be named as. Select where you want the file to be saved. Click on save. Successful None Printing Click on File Click on Print. Alter settings if needed. Click on OK. None Feedback from User guide I got this feedback from my friend. Positive Below listed are a few positive things said by my friend. 1. Clear cut and easy. 2. Nice, short and brief. 3. Easy to understand as it is in simple language. Negative Below listed are a few negative things pointed out by my friend. 1. No pictures mean boring. 2. Some of the steps were a bit hard to follow. 3. Some things needed a bit of explanation. Conclusion My friend has mentioned that to make my user guide better I should put pictures in it. To make my user guide better I will include pictures in it which show step by step instructions. I think that the user guide without pictures is not very useful because user get bored. the whole thing looks more colourful with pictures. Improving User guide The reason why I have improved my user guide is because I want to make it easier for the users to use. The difference between the two is that the first one has no pictures and the second on has got pictures in it. User Guide Two Below is my user guide with pictures. Open Paint Create Logo Saving Printing Open Access Create table Using Formats (in Dates) Using input mask (post code etc.) Using Validation rules and text (gender) Creating Queries Using criteria's ([Enter], <>, Yes) Creating Forms Creating switchboard Saving Printing Open word Create letterhead Create template letter Adding details Saving Printing Training and new working practices needed = 2 Evaluation Sheets = 3 Documentation-User guide for produced system = 3 Test and evaluation = 2 ?? ?? ?? ?? AO2cd 1/50 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Software section.

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