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ICT - The way I do things at home and at School.

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The way I do things at home and at School I use ICT a lot at home and at school and in this report I will show how, where, when and why I use these appliances. At home there are many appliances which use ICT, for example; Microwaves, Mobile Phones etc. But there are also some appliances which I also use at school for example; PCs. And I will also show how I use these things in different ways. I use my mobile phone a lot at home, it is just one of the few ways I keep in touch with people who I don't often see and live quite a way away. There are only two ways people can contact me on my mobile phone The phone I own is a 'Samsung A300e' which also has WAP. ...read more.


ringing you or sending a SMS, I use digital television quite often and it is transmitted through a satellite dish which is placed on the side of the house and transmits in signals which allow more channels to be viewed than normal, the channels range from 101 to 999 but obviously there are not channels on every number some channels are skipped e.g. 666 there is just a message that says channel unavailable. With digital TV you can shop and even play games. There is also lots of information that can be found out like, cinema listings or even the latest live shows. There is always a TV guide available sorted into sections like, comedy, music or sport which is easier if you are looking for something in particular. I use a microwave at home to heat food or defrost something frozen. ...read more.


I use a PC a lot at school because I do Applied ICT and I also use them to type up course work in many of my lessons e.g. English. I also use them for entertainment I go on the internet quite a lot, after I finished my work. I use sites like, mousebreaker.com and uwizone.com which is my email. When I'm on email I come into contact with people from all around the world like India and the USA. This is an advantage because if there were no PCs I would be required to do all work by hand and probably wouldn't be doing ICT GCSE. When using the computer I have to abide by several laws like the computer misuse act and the copyright act. The software I use is: Word- to word process Excel- to create spreadsheets Access- to create databases Power Point- to create presentations ...read more.

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