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ICT Theory.

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Data All the data for the new system will have to be collected together. All the names, addresses and phone numbers of all the client's contacts will need to be put together so that it will be easier to input the data to the new system. To collect the data together there will need to be a data sheet designed. One of the client members will have to be responsible for the design and handing out of the data sheets. On each sheet there will have to be fields for the relevant information for the database eg. name, address and phone number. Each sheet will be able to have information about 5 contacts. Each client member will have at least four data capture sheets to start with. These data sheets will need to be filled in by all the client for the system to work properly and reach it's full potential. ...read more.


Another person will have to create the database for all the data to be put into. This database will have to have relevant fields for the data to be put into. The effect that the new system will have on the client will be that the new system will make the client more organised will addresses and phone numbers. As long as the database is kept up to date the individual address books will no longer be in use, but it is best to keep old address books. The database can be used to perform a mail merge to produce personal invitations and letters for people. This would save time in finding and writing out addresses. Documentation. The documentation is the paperwork that will come with your computer system. There are two types of documentation, user guides and technical manuals. The user guides will tell you how to use the new system. ...read more.


Also another addition to the system I want to use a scanner. This will be useful for when I want to add pictures and designs to letters. The scanner would also be useful for making personal letters. Implementation For the new system to be implemented it will have to be set up over time. It would be best to gradually change over to the new system. It may take a while to input the data into the new system. Therefore it would be a bad idea to change over to the new system overnight. I may take a while for the new system to become easy to use if one or more of the client members have little or no experience with computers. I suggest that the change over takes place over a month, that is so that all the client become familiar with the system before there is a change over. It would be useful to keep old address books just if for some reason the computer cannot be used. ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is OK. This is due to that the student has described a number of aspects which there would need to implement to collect and input the data into an Access Database. However the report does lack ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is OK. This is due to that the student has described a number of aspects which there would need to implement to collect and input the data into an Access Database. However the report does lack detail, and report could go further and explain these points. The report clearly states the term 'Data', which is quite good. The majority of students state information, and the student is correct by using the term 'Data'.

Level of analysis

The report states how the data should be backed up, to allow the data to be restored if any such event occurs. However the report doesn't state, that the back-up needs to be at least 100 miles anyway from the location of the original data. This is due to that, if there was a fire/flood, the back-up wouldn't be destroyed. The student explains how the database should be updated, however how is this achievable? The report colour include 'The database could be updated every three months, which would involve contracting the client and confirming that the data is correct. Any such data which ins't, will need to be removed from the system'.

Quality of writing

The font shouldn't be in Bold, as only the title of the report and any sub-titles should be in Bold. This should be corrected within the report, to achieve high marks. The report doesn't contain any screenshots to enable the examiner to visualize the report.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 01/03/2012

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