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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3794

Ict - Unit 2B

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Report - 2b Marketing Department: Below is a diagram which shows the overview of how the marketing system works, such as what software's and hardware's are used and what data storage devices are used in the system for backup: The hardware's that the marketing department at Leisure II uses is divided into six different categories and those are stated below: * Software. * Input Devices. * Output Devices. * Processors. * Ports and Cables. * Storage Devices. Now I will go into these hardware's in more detail and describe each device/technology and explain how each device supports the work of the department and how it helps the department meet its objectives. I will then finish of with evaluating on how each device supports the department for example are there any changes that are needed to improve the way each port/cable contributes to the work of the department and state an alternative device/technology. Software's: Corel draw & Corel draw photo shop: Corel draw & Corel draw photo shop is used for desk top publishing this is a software that allows the staff at the marketing department to layer text and images to a creative free range. An advantage of this is that it is cheaper for the company because they can create professional designs instead of paying for them to be done from a publisher. But a disadvantage of this is that the Leisure centre does not have the most up to date version of the software so sometimes the computer crashes and work is lost when not saved. How it meets the departments objectives: Corel draw & Corel draw photo shop helps the department meet its objectives by allowing them to fulfil the tasks of the department to a very high standard such as personalising and creating posters to advertise the company. Most of these tasks would not have been produced to the very high standards if it wasn't for this software because then they world of have to draw them out on Microsoft paint which is not that much of a help. ...read more.


CRT Monitor: The CRT monitor's are used to view the art in progress. Marketing designers and other staff can view the plans in real quick time as they are changed and modified as required. The marketing department uses a 19 inch screen to display these. The monitors allow all the stakeholders in the project to view and to modify all the art until they are fully constructed and given out to be advertised. How it meets the departments objectives: The CRT monitor helps the marketing department to meet its objectives by allowing the staff to present the designs of the advertisements to the higher authorities and to people who will judge and approve the designs - if they are to be advertised. Since there will not be only 1 or 2 people in the meeting that's why it is most suitable for the staff to use a huge screen to clearly show the designs and to discuss the matters that might arise in the meeting, because the designs are being presented on the big screen it will be easy for the staff members to point out areas of improvement etc. This shows that the CRT monitors helps the department meet its objectives because then the staff can present the designs and soon have them out on the high streets so they get more customers and having more customers is one of the main objectives of the department and the company. Alternative device or technology: An alternative device to this 19 inch CRT monitor is a 21 inch CRT monitor because it would resolve the problem of having to zoom in and out of the posters and leaflets to view clearly. Processors: Intel Pentium 4 processor: The Marketing department uses an Intel Pentium 4 processor. The processor is used to carry out several tasks. The processor's speed is measured in GHz which determines the speed at which a variety of tasks can be carried out at any time. ...read more.


Alternative device or technology: An alternative technology to a USB would be a CD because on a CD you can store more files and documents on it and it is most appropriate to store back up files on CD then a USB because you could make more copies of the CD and also send it in the post for other reasons. Hard Disc Drive: The marketing department sometimes stores minor files and documents locally on the hard drive of the computer. The hard drive's at Leisure II are 40GB which is a large amount of memory for a normal standard computer that someone would use at home for their personal use but for the people at Leisure II it is quite small because the marketing department contains detailed contracts and state of the art posters and leaflets. The hard drive is used to store small files for smaller contracts and for other important documents or folders that they might need in the near future for reference. How it meets the departments objectives: The hard disc drive helps the marketing department to meet its objectives in the same manner as the USB pen drive because they both are used for the same purposes. The only difference between them is that the hard disc drive is used to only save minor sized data however the USB pen drive is used to save huge sized data. They both lead to the job being done in success so it does not make a difference of which device is being used it is just commonsense to use both methods of storage devices. Alternative device or technology: An alternative device/technology for the 40GB hard disc drive would be a hard disc drive with a larger capacity of memory space then 40GB it would result on the computer working faster and not crashing much often which is a major problem for the marketing department especially when the work is not saved. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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