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APPLIED GCSE ICT - ICT USE IN THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY FOR WALES Assembly Ministers (AM) in the voting chamber use touch screen consoles to communicate. If an AM requires further information, they have access to a researcher who can send electronic information rapidly. An individual pass card activates the site and switches the machines on. The voting chamber is a paperless establishment, by entering an activating codeword, all information can be seen on the system. Electronic voting as used in the Welsh Assembly is easier to track than a hand count such as used in the House of Commons. ...read more.


A light then appears in front of the AM allocated to speak and the microphone is switched on. The microphones pick up sound quite well. Verbal speech is given which is then recorded by the proceedings team so that they can grammatise it. Any Welsh spoken is translated into English and vice versa and the transcript is available on the Internet one week later. Other information is available 24 hours after discussion. A printout of every member's votes are posted on the wall outside the chamber for public viewing but the parties have usually already agreed on a decision before a vote is cast. ...read more.


The argument was "should school hours be reduced to 1 hour a day?" The vote outcome was 10 for, 14 Against and 3 Abstentions. The Welsh Assembly are having a new building at a cost of �55 million. The new chamber when finished will be larger and more semi-circular. Natural light will provide an easier atmosphere to work in. The new system will have better quality microphones and brand new equipment, still using touch-screen consoles. The spending on ICT alone for the new building is estimated at a staggering �10 million. ?? ?? ?? ?? Applied GCSE ICT Welsh Assembly ...read more.

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